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  • viel_glueck_an_alle viel_glueck_an_alle Nov 6, 2008 5:08 PM Flag

    Messiah Obama Has Promised Change and Money Growing on Trees


    Is this what his change suppose to be -- worst two-day slump since 1987 after the market learned about the Messiah coming to Washington?

    U.S. Stocks Tumble in Market's Worst Two-Day Slump Since 1987

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    • Would Same ol McCain ever been accepted into Annapolis without his Daddy?
      businesses that adjust their game plan to the impending tax changes will as usual do fine. Us poor folks will have a few more bucks to spend, if we so choose.

    • Don't let economic reports get in the way of retroactively blaming everything on Obama.

    • The real Messiah begins to surface. You haven’t seen anything yet.

      The Messiah during his first press conference has already managed to insult Nancy Reagan, "I didn’t want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about, you know, doing any séances"

      It illustrates that the Messiah has no class. Bush’s first comments and actions were classy, and McCain’s speech was classy too, but Messiah's first speech … insults the ailing widow of a popular president. Oh, the Messiah is a unifier all right...

      Did you also notice how the Messiah was always glancing at his index cards? Ooops no teleprompter, what a joke, you will soon learn what a true weak President is, and how destructive he is for the USA. (Carter will look like an angel in comparison to Obama)

      In addition, not only the Messiah has insulted a 90 years old former first lady but also the English language, "Yes. We’re goin’ go to the White House on Monday. President Bush and Mrs. Bush have graciously invited Michelle and *I* to visit the White House". What is this? Ebonics or a language they teach “evenly tanned” affirmative action recipients in Harvard or Columbia? My English is a third language (I speak five languages and Ebonics is not one of them), but if I were the Messiah, I would say something like this, President Bush and Mrs. Bush have graciously invited Michelle and *me* to visit the White House on Monday.

      God save us from the imbeciles (aka the democrats)! (Borrowing this statement and “evenly tanned” from Silvio Berlusconi)

    • no, it was dubbbleya-messiah voooodo
      got bama 'lected. !

    • don't ya get it? every time bama opens his mounth, MARKET TANKS !
      it's almost like a personal statement... ain't gonna change til bama does some effective change...
      til then you can do like me,
      just hang around contemplating jumping off an orange crate with a TIE around your neck !!
      oh yeah, de Messiah !!!
      (Strong Buy if you've got the cash!)

    • THAT WAS CALLED VODOO-REAGANOMICS, and if you thought that was good, you are beyond help,

    • Obama is inheriting the worst economy since the great depression, and who caused it bush, bush, bush, bush, and don't &*(&(*& for get it., money will be used for american not a worthless war, and you lost, i dont expect yuou to understand it but you are in the minority, minority- and you lost, you are the same poor winner and poor loser, but you lost, you lost you lost,

      • 2 Replies to buffy11255
      • All the bad econ.times, is on ratpub.s, you thought it was funny to sent jobs overseas, lets brake the union, funny funny, funny, out of work industry, funny, 'ronny' deregulatin the banks so they could buy and sell mortag.guess the didn't think what goes up, goes down, but they got their money, rich got richer, and f)(*)(* like you thought it was funny,americans didn't have healthcare but we could spend trill.on a worthless war, and you thought it was funny, will you lost,thank god you lost, lost ,lost, take that up your azz and shove it sideways , you lost., maybe this country, has a chance because you lost.