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  • col3in col3in Mar 18, 1999 1:01 PM Flag

    up pretty strong

    any body hazard an opinion on why up. bottoming . short covering.
    can't get much more negative on a stock.blood running in street.

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    • For those of you who believe you can't get any
      more negative on a stock than TIE, check this one out.
      There are SCREAMING buys to be had in the small cap
      market and General Employment Enterprises (Ticker symbol
      JOB) is one of them. This is a company with good
      earnings, sustained growth, NO DEBT and almost $3.00 per
      share in CASH. This stock is down more than 80% in the
      last 14 months and trades at less than 6 times
      trailing 12 month earnings. Excluding the $3 in cash, at
      the current price you are basically paying 2 times
      earnings for the business (which requires almost nothing
      in capital investment). The market has been down on
      staffing companies in general -- even the best like Robert
      Half (consistent 30% EPS growth & never missed an
      earnings estimate EVER) have been creamed this past year.
      The small cap players have been completely destroyed.
      This is the cheapest stock of this quality I think
      I've ever seen. TIE is a good company, but at the
      bottom of the cycle metals companies always look like
      they are going out of business due to huge fixed costs
      and capital spending requirements. Current stock
      price reflects that. Check out JOB. If you can find
      anything better, let me know.

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      • I do not pretend to know why staffing companies
        are getting creamed. I do know and agree small caps
        in general are getting creamed.
        A suggestion
        (flat out guess) on staffing companies: maybe they will
        be a major casualty of the rise of use of the
        Many people are waiting for the internet bubble to
        burst. Even more people are trumpeting the internet as
        the next successor to the industrial - then -
        computer revolutions.
        This I believe: it will be very
        interesting to study the CASUALTIES of the internet
        revolution, and there will be various and serious.

    • Things always look worst before they get a LOT

      Copper stocks are up. Oil stocks are up. There is a lot
      of feeling that Asia is showing signs of making its
      inevitable comeback. Commodities always lead a recovery, and
      I think this is no esception.

      You guys have
      been down so long you are starting to believe in down.
      I had TIE on my buy list, and watched it jump up
      today. I STILL bought it, because it is a steal.
      Normally, I don't buy any company showing a loss in any
      quarter in the last year. This one has so much cash in
      the till that I made an exception.

      If Asia
      does start waking up, Asia will be ordering wide
      bodies by the dozen.

      Just give TIE some time. In
      a year, or so, you will be lending money to your
      next door neighbor who is buying internet stocks

      Wile E.