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  • fstout57 fstout57 Jun 18, 2013 2:34 PM Flag

    Demorest and Stockbrokers

    Look at Demorest (officer) sale of 144,998 shares of this stock in Dec. of 2012 for $14.50-$14.60 a share. About this same time my broker calls me to buy this stock. Since there are usually only 100 shares of this trading at a time, the only way Demorest got out of his shares was to contact a brokerage firm to peddle this. Demorest dumps all his shares and exersises options in April at $12.07 a share and we start all over. I should have looked at the insider trading before agreeing to buy this stock in the first place and I would have figured out what was going on. Besides that, the brokerage firm gets paid to pump this and dump on us. Someone should look into this scam, but it's our responsibility to catch it ourselves. I Don't tell me there's no insider BS going on. I questioned the high PE and was told that this was a possible takeover target, except I'm the one that got taken.

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    • Mr. Demorest probably just had to get a little cash to build his new deck on his home on Lake Minnetonka. It also could have been just a scheduled sale of stock that he had picked up through stock options. All CEO's do this. Do your own research on a stock. Don't rely on some stockbroker who has had a slow day trading and is out to increase his trading volume. This company does a lot of business in Europe. Europe is slow now. Hang on. Europe will come back and it does pay a nice, little dividend which will probably be raised a half a cent this winter. This stock isn't Facebook.

    • I agree. My avg price is about $13.5, but came really close to selling at $19.5. I don't view the stock negatively because it's a decent company that will eventually digest the purchase of the Danish company and make money again. That may create a little momentum for them to be bought out around $20. Sounds like a bad situation, I know. The lesson is use a discount broker. A friend's broker recommended that he buy CTL in the mid $40. It only took me 5 minutes to talk him out of it.

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      • I didn't think anyone was on this board but you got this at a fair price. Hope it gets bought out. Not many shares trade daily. Anyway, regarding CTL-bought when it crashed and made $2,900.00 in one day and sold at 35. It kept going to 37 but have not looked lately. We have CTL and it's out of service at least once a day. No choice where we live since our phone and wireless are connected; no competition. Good luck on this stock. I think it's a long hold. Don't know why insiders would sell so much if they were going to be bought out.

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