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  • jamesckiraly jamesckiraly Jul 16, 2009 1:24 PM Flag

    Upward Trend

    Good earnings.
    Good future outlook.
    Dow doing a fish out off water jumping.
    LPL still making out some gains.
    RSI and Macd upward trend, IMHO I think we could see 15+ next week before a pull back.

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    • Oddly, the more we test, and then bounce off of, the 13.70ish range, the more comfortable I feel that we will move higher. If we don't break below this range it is great IMHO as there is some natural 'digestion' necesary after the recent climb... PLUS, it is all on low volume! Which makes me even happier. I will keep my fingers crossed!

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      • I believe we have reached the next trading platue(sp). This may be a short duration or possible as long as a month. IMHO I think it will stay in a trading range of 15.30-14.50, but I believe it will have a slow incline. LG has seam to hold its gains better than giving them back at least in the last few months. We have a real light trading volume and I suspect some profit taking at present but not to much. This stock still has 2-3 bucks in its move up before we sit till the next earnings release.

    • Like this charting

      Hope that link works correctly
      BB got pinched jul6, macd was in upward cycle
      broke the downward trend june 8th and again june 27th
      Eveything was indicating a fast rise, Good earnings and outlook sealed the deal. should have at least 1 if not 2 days more rise before a pull back. IMHO the resistance may be higher around 16, base in the low 15's. Of course this is all dependent on the rest of the market. If the market crps today I think lpl will hold at 14 like last week she held the 13. No where to go but up unless bad news comes out.

    • The Gorilla just increased the second target on LPL to $18.00. Not sure what about today made for the increase. The level had been $17.00. Wild. Maybe it is just the market's strength, perhaps.

    • Hey Buddy, Glad that we both did well today. So, you are talking about $15.00. I agree, but I am thinking that it is possible for us to reach it tomorrow if the market doesn't go down. Things are perceived as being better right now (which I don't believe) so this is in our favor.

      My 'nobody' prediction is that the boost and high volume will kick us to $15.00 quickly. After that the climbing may be tougher, but my goal is $17.00.

      My guess is based on resistence being around $15.00, I say we bounce off the $15.60 area. If we broke through that area it would be clear sailing up for a bit.

      I am hoping we see another day of over 2 million and a good boost tomorrow, I have raised my stops accordingly.

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      • You may be right on the 15 today. It was a slow tediuos(sp) climb yesterday. When I wrote that she was only +20 cents. With the 2mil+ shares traded and 48+ cents at close. The chart indicates upward breakout and could be there. People are gonna start noticing and want on the band wagon. Should drive price up maybe bit higher, next resistance I think is about 16. Disregarding the global melt down this stock should be trading in the low 20 range.

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