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  • gip2invest gip2invest Jul 14, 2010 10:34 AM Flag

    San Gold Hault…Financing

    San Gold Hault…Financing

    What are peoples thoughts about this and how it will affect StrikePont? Their shares are definitely going to be diluted after the deal closes in August. Is the Hault only for trhe financing or is there other news?

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    • gip,

      I am not a happy camper, and I am just glad I don't own San Gold, right now. I don't understand what they're thinking at all. Strikepoint Gold is connected with them, so I am not pleased. I made a post on the RBY board about it all, because there are some that own it there. If some news doesn't come, concerning what is going to be done with this bought deal....and investors can rationalize this, then I don't even have the words. They don't appear to be looking after the shareholders....they appear to be looking out for themselves. If they're going to do that, then why are they even on the stock exchange? Oh, that's right....they use the investors money to pull the gold out, but aren't considering our best interest with stock price. Hmm..pretty nice set-up, if you can get it.LOL. I'm just blowing off some steam, because this did not make a lick of sense to me.....none what so ever.

      JMT(Just My Thoughts)

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      • Hey Kid, thanks for the reply, I agree this is not the best of news and right now isn’t helping StrikePoint any....I own and follow RBY extensively and can’t wait until the October time frame when things start picking up…I am holding on through our bumpy ride right now and enjoying all of your posts on that board!

        Good luck too all!
        Just another kid.

      • Unfortunately that's the problem with gold miners. You can't print more gold but you can print more shares and find other ways to dilute value while allowing a few to profit. Even POG is prone to flagrant manipulation, ultimately reflecting "printing" IMO. Both physical gold and mining shares represent protection against some - but not all- possible financial and cultural apocalypse scenarios. But we must be careful and not suicidal in our devotions. Isaac Newton once said (after losing substantial money in a failed gold mining investment), "I can calculate the orbits of heaven but I cannot account for the madness of men".

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