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  • Hey,

    You don't own any ARR do you?....;-)


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    • he's retarded, he can't own anything.

    • Retarded isn't very nice, how about investmentally challanged.

      I own ARR.
      Bought it right before the last ex-date.
      I'm down a tad.
      The way I see it, anyone who has bought shares in many of the REITs in the past month or so are lucky not to be down a tad.

      But, regarding WMC:
      They just recently filed both an 8K and 10K.
      Does that present the possibility of having a spo in the near future(before the next ex-date)?
      Their recent runup was substantial and a spo at this price would probably be accretive to book value.

      I'm looking for a home for some cash and "some guy" suggested that this young company might be worth a look-see.
      I'd hate to invest on Mon. and have to suffer a spo on Tues.(or before the next ex-date).

      Having gone ex on 8/2 with a .38 dividend, WMC has a current yield of 7.265%, not very high,imo.
      Is it because of their youth that the div. was so low?
      MTGE's first dividend was only .20, now it pays .90.
      AGNC's first div. was only .31 and now it pays 1.25.
      May it be safe to assume that WMC will raise the dividend for the next quarter?

      An inquiring mind wants to know(anyone's oppinion).

      Thanks, FOXY

      P.S. One good thing with WMC: Being so far back in the alphabet, It'll take a little while before Yahoo ruins this mb with its new format. It might be a good idea to hang back here to share trading ideas. Whaddaya think? :)

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      • I saw this in an article from the headlines section.

        The 38 cent stub dividend, an 8.3x leverage ratio, and a hybrid mREIT business model, all suggest the annual dividend should be enticing. Based upon the numbers I have been reviewed, a 15% annual dividend should be achieved by the Legg Mason external management team.

        and you guys are killing me with Special ED stuff......i'm rolling over here.

      • Foxy, In general I prefer to buy mReits near book. You can also watch to see where inside buys occur. In recent history I haven't observed any SPO's occuring below insider buys. I also consider adding to positions on or after SPO's if they push the price close to book. Anyway, that's what works for me.

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