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  • lenloc lenloc Apr 12, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

    This is one of the better, saner boards

    Hope that reik guy from the mtge board does not invade it.

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    • The only one left,actually, after the destruction of AGNC.

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      • Did I miss something on AGNC? I have held it since November of 2010. Price is up 10% and the yield is 49% for a Total Return of 49%. The Dividend did get cut from $1.40/quarter to $1.25/quarter, but here has been a lot of dividend cuts in the REIT Sector. So what has soured you on AGNC?

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Sigh....I am afraid I totally agree, ehpb1,

        I tried to help carry AGNC with others for some time, but I grow weary. I know many still read, but do not contribute. Rim, Ben, ddJim2, Jimries, Arsh, Pork, Taymere, Greenthumb, Cat, Flightnurse, Joe, Salty, and many more are fading memories of a happier time on the AGNC board.

        YBF and myself are the only ones left I can think of from that old crew. Even AL is in dry dock shot up with health holes...I am rooting for you AL! I go under the knife in three days and will join you for a couple weeks. Have to have Diva keep the faithful in reminders...;-)

        This board is much better, and has not been invaded(yet) with the bash and trash crowd. Now I am afraid wherever I go I will be followed by the flamer.....kind of like a barnacle on the ship of my #$%$.

        On this soon to be convalescence(if I make it...;-)), I will be working on establishing my own website for those who wish to hang out on a different site. It will be initially for those interested in Glad/3% as there are many interesting things, IMO, to discuss there. A separate section will be for option theory and trades. The best part...I am the filter, and you have to be a gun owning, #$%$ Republican to access the good stuff....just kidding. Heck, that Lenin(the Vladimir dude) loving YBF is welcome as he has good things to contribute.

        This effort has failed when Ben and Arsh(I believe) attempted it in the past. This should work as a lot of it will just be a personal diary and I journal anyway about market theory, so others can read, contribute, or criticize. I just won't allow the nonsense posts, like "You traders ruin everything for the investors B..$$.

        So, if I end up posting to myself it is all good. I talk to myself often. My daughter yells down to my cave and asks who I am talking to a lot of days and I just remind her that I am talking to myself and we are having a great conversation so just close the door and leave us alone...;-)

        Regards, DocReits

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