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  • szszimissuiloveu szszimissuiloveu Jul 11, 2008 9:47 AM Flag

    The most suspicious thing to me

    is the replacement of Jason Jiang by Tan Zhi as the CEO. I couldn't understand the move, Jason is a much more chrismatic guy, and a much better manager apparently. The only thing I can infer from that is Jason wanted to be out, because he has no eggs in FMCN anymore. The CFO doesn't like Tan Zhi at all, you can sense from the conference call (Tan really shouldn't try to speak English).

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    • bullsh*t

    • nah, then just ignore my post.

      like I said, I am just passing the informations I read. that article i refer to, was very negative about FMCN said the management has dumbed most of their ADS in USA, and Tan Zhi actually own less than 1% stake in the company right now(was 5.8 %).then criticized jiang for buying new internet companies that compete with allyes,and that was the main reason jiang step down,and conclude with something like a death of this once-great company.

    • i don't think you're an idiot...but you won't get much support when you post unsubstantiated claims. i don't need to search for something that doesn't exist. i have all my news delivered.

    • It never stop to amaze me people actually buy stock which they know nothing about.

      jason jiang has an invetment in other new companies he bought, whcich lead to his conflict interest with fmcn.that's the reason he need to step down.

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      • >>>It never stop to amaze me people actually buy stock which they know nothing about...

        Jiang built FMCN. Still is Chairman. Owns over 10%. His companies have acquired many businesses during the Acquisition phase of FMCN. I've read the 20F. I've read everything published by analysts and rumor spreaders too. I know as much about this company as anyone without insider info. If there was a conflict of interest it would be in the disclosures of a 20f.

        Please post your evidence for us to read. I've read nothing in any public disclosures about CONFLICTS OF INTEREST. We all would like to know what you know.

      • The reason by Jason 2 quarters ago was that he wanted to focus on the mobile advertising business, since acquisitions had mostly been completed, so he let Tan to get the operations integrated.
        Then last qtr the CFO said the mobile ad business in still a work in progress.
        >>>It never stop to amaze me people actually buy stock which they know nothing about...
        actually this is good for some people, because Mr Market is providing a good margin of safety for the right people at the right time

    • ...he has no eggs in FMCN anymore...
      there is no basis for this, he has a lot of eggs, and is required to file report when sold.

      ...The CFO doesn't like Tan Zhi at all, you can sense...
      you are right about this.

      ...Tan really shouldn't try to speak English...

    • nothing suspicious had discussed a possible spin-off of wireless and internet last year and earlier this year Jiang went over to head up those early-in-their-growth businesses. He had successfully headed the company through its massive growth through the aquisition phase and the company needed a manager for the organic growth phase. Shortly after Jiang slid over to head up those businesses the SMS wireless problems hit; which was buried in the poorly run start-ups acquired by FMCN. Yup, bad management by FMCN; but a very tiny piece of revenue. If they had spun-off those businesses as planned before the news hit then FMCN would have been less meaty for the bears. But, thats history.

      Jiang still is Chairman of the Board of FMCN while heading the non-core business growth. He owns over 10% of the shares and bought 100,000 shares at over $34/sh in March.

      I still remain positive on FMCN. But will Hold my close to 15,000 underwater shares.