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  • paultradestoday paultradestoday Aug 28, 2008 12:14 PM Flag

    Fundamentals and Technicals

    Some comments such as "broke trough 32 resistance" are not statisically correct. There is something very important about the 31-32 range and that is that over 40 million shares were traded in two days of trading in recent months so a lot of new owners came in at that range. They may start getting out around 36. It may have broke through the 32 price but the next tech resistance is around 36. see the below:
    Support and resistance are price levels where trend will stop and reverse direction. Support describes price where buyers will enter the market to prevent the prices from going down. Resistance describes the price at which sellers will enter and stop the prices from rising.

    28.55 -2.67 points (-8.55%) below the current price
    23.46 -7.76 points (-24.86%) below the current price
    36.79 5.57 points (17.84%) above the current price
    40.29 9.07 points (29.05%) above the current price
    43.56 12.34 points (39.53%) above the current price

    Also, some discusions on this board recently concerning the investors day indicated the thougts of some that FMCN may announce an upside surprise for 4Q. Well, the fundies and their recent cc indicate they will not increase the estimates for teh year or for the 4Q.
    1. two weeks ago they refused to make any changes to the 4Q. That was their opportunity and nothing has changed to warrant any upside.
    2. AR may weigh down the 4Q with write offs for bad debts; which they must address in this meeting
    3. This will be their oppotunity to roll out their long range plans and to paint next year's rosey picture

    I will scale out 25% of my shares on the way to 36 and then buy them back around 28 and wait for next yaer.

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    • Heck...I ignore myself

    • And you are telling us what you think...THAT IS THE POINT of these boards. It is a forum where we can discuss the stocks and our opinions about them. If you don't like it don't come on...and if you don't like what someone has to say just put them on 'ignore'. No big deal.

    • That is the problem! - If you need to tell everyone what you are thinking so bad - It might be time to see a shrink ... no offense, but you people on these boards look like some
      alien and dysfunctional tribe. Surely someone on this board will tell me to stuff it ( in no lesser terms) - But thats ok.

    • No big deal...

    • my bad i missed the punchline.

      I just took it on the surface. Later, davdddd

    • time to move on my fellow posters,,,lets not start beating each other silly...just feeds the belly of the ahaha beast
      the weeks ahead should be rewarding...i for one will try to maintain a positive outlook and will hardly ever beat any of you silly (not even the beast)

    • Read it again...I thought it was obvious that I was poking fun at myself...sorry you couldn't pick that up.

    • How could u claim that longs are "the worst kind" Brian??

      This is your own little world that u are making your playgrounds.

      And us longs take great offense at those words that u spew out. I dunno but I could easily see myself in Focus for decades. All hail Jason Jiang! :')

      Tata, davdddd

    • quite frankly...the last paragraph of your message is the most pathetic of all your can claim I am whatever but I am not against you......honestly, I am a long...the worst kind....the kind that will either cash out with profit or lose it all...i told you that last week. So what is your prob today with me? I have done nothing but tell people on this board exactly what I am thinking...even if my thinking is way off track.....

    • [So does that make it ok to rag on all the newcomers?]

      Yes. They clutter this board with their false claims, and endless chatter about price. You think any of it has any value? You're deluding yourself.

      Let me correct you. I have been here since the IPO when Sushi_Lui told me SNDA was junk compared to FMCN. At first, I didn't bel;ieve it, but then I investigated. Thanks again, Sush, wherever you are. They all hated you but you know I appreciated your efforts.

      Instead of talking about me, why not challenge me about the various points I make about the idiots or about the company? For example, repeatedly I have stated the A/R plaint is noise about nothing. The idiots don't believe me, they don't believe company officials in the CC who fully addressed it, but maybe they believe some analyst because the analyst releases a cryptic message about it over SP. Is that what you're indirectly defending? Idiot reports which the idiots think might jiggle price enough for them to get out of their gambling positions? Is that what you defend?

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