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  • paultradestoday paultradestoday May 4, 2009 8:49 AM Flag

    Todays news

    SOHU beats by 0.21 up 6% premarket
    VODONE (0082.MK) FMCN internet partner, up 72% ovenight heavy trading 377 million shares (usually 11 million)
    Fosun up 9% on heavy volume
    Hang Seng up 5.54% overnight

    All good signs for FMCN. Something's going to pop.

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    • like the vodune and fosun news.
      Thanks Paul

      Look at the Lamar "LAMR" rally in US. Same business except NO internet and HEAVILY Levered balance sheet.

      The merger is holding us "FMCN" back. I hope they call it off as we will fall to 5 and rally to 7 then higher every day.

      1)FMCN will be buying as they have CASH that they currently have frozen as it is due to SINA in merger.

      2)FOSUN will buy, as I feel they have been warned NOT to buy anymore

      3)The smart shorts "also very profitable" will finally take their profitsand move on!!


      Time for us to move !!!!!!