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  • matt.berry01 matt.berry01 Jan 10, 2012 1:48 PM Flag

    Has there been a company response to the Movie Screen count?

    refer to 2008 SEC 20-f
    “The increase is primarily attributable to …  increased leasing costs associated with time we rent on movie theater screens as a result of an increase in the number of theaters we lease in our network from 10,930 in 2007 to 27,164 in 2008.” SEC 20-F, 2008

    So FMCN claims biz with 27,164 theater screens in 2008?

    The source provided by Muddy Waters -- 1545 theaters and 4097 screens in China in 2008.

    compare with this link: (use the google translator)

    Key passage:
    "Said Tong Gang, the 2008 national cinema theater company's new range of 118 to a total of 1545, an increase of 8.27%; new screen number 570, the birth of 1.56 per day the new screen, the National Screen total of 4097, an increase of 16.16%."

    Has the company responded to Muddy Water's on this point?
    I have found no company response to this. Does anyone have a link?

    Short FMCN

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    • News headline from 12/22...

      Audit Committee of Focus Media Reports Results of Second Display Count Survey
      Wall St Custom Wire8:30 AM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) Dec 22, 2011
      SHANGHAI, Dec. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Focus Media Holding Limited
      ("Focus Media") (Nasdaq: FMCN) today announced that its audit committee received
      the results of the second of two third-party, independent surveys on the number
      of displays in Focus Media's LCD display network and its poster frame network.
      The survey was independently conducted by Synovate in December 2011. Synovate is
      the world's sixth largest market research company (1). To conduct the survey,
      Synovate used a Stratified Random Sampling methodology. According to Synovate,
      based on the Sampling Distribution Theory, the actual audited display counts can
      be projected to reflect the total number of Focus Media's displays with a +/- 1%
      sampling error at a 99% confidence level.

      (1) The ranking is assessed by ESOMAR, a world association for market, social
      and opinion researchers, in terms of 2010 global research revenue. See: Global
      Market Research 2011, an ESOMAR Industry Report in cooperation with KPMG
      Advisory P48-49.

      The survey results from Synovate show that the number of displays in Focus
      Media's LCD display network and poster frame network were 185,218 and 436,363
      respectively (see Appendix I). The table below sets forth a summary of the
      survey results.

      The number of The number of Certified number
      displays as of displays as of of displays based
      Sep. 30, 2011 Nov, 28, 2011 (1) on Synovate
      disclosed in based on Focus survey(Appendix I)
      the 3 rd quarter Media data
      2011 earnings release

      LCD display network
      Focus Media LCD screens 116,026 121,495 121,386
      Focus Media LCD 2.0 digital picture screens 32,478 33,320 33,290
      Focus Media LCD 1.0 picture frame devices 29,878 30,542 30,542
      --------------------- ----------------- ------------------
      Subtotal 178,382 185,357 185,218
      --------------------- ----------------- ------------------

      Poster frame network
      Framedia 2.0 digital picture screens 34,711 34,847 34,847
      Framedia 1.0 picture frames 391,304 401,677 401,516
      --------------------- ----------------- ------------------
      Subtotal 426,015 436,524 436,363
      --------------------- ----------------- ------------------

      Total 604,397 621,881 621,581

    • Did you see how many building for FMCN ?

      Strong Buy