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  • rcch12342003 rcch12342003 Jan 14, 2012 8:18 AM Flag

    matt: I read you post on chbt

    It seems that you started shorting chbt in June 2011 after it was delisted because of failing to file report. I don't believe that you can short a stock on pink slip. You should do the same with fmcn. Right now, your attacks look very comical. Even CB with large hedge fund behind him fails, how effective can you be? You also called the LBO of hrbn a phoney. How much did you lose on hrbn? It looks like you are repeating the mistake you made on hrbn in a much larger scale. Remember that the loss on shorting has no limited.
    Back in 2000, a dot-com billionaire after selling his business for more than 1 billions dollars, shorted yahoo at $80.00 and it went to $120.00. After that, the billionaire promised himself that he will never short another company again.
    I also read the profile of chbt and it looks they are snake oil salesman, selling food supplement. Why would anybody buy stocks like that?

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    • The decision to go long or short FMCN has nothing to do with me or you. Asking Who is who is very different from asking What is What. The choice here is between group-think and reaching a forensic conclusion.

      And you need to work harder. You can see my first article on CHBT Dec. 31, 2010 and the disclosure that I was short.

      Your ad hominem attacks are counterproductive. The issue is whether or not FMCN has the assets that it claims. However, I am flattered that you feel my personal track record is worthy of your time, even if I am bound to come up short (I don't win them all). Nonetheless, you could have chosen a better weapon. I made a 50%+ profit on Harbin. I covered on the day it broke down last June, and did not get back in. I cannot find the yahoo HRBN message board; I think it may have been taken down, but on it I did post the point that I closed the trade.

      It was one of these posts, which are apparently no longer available.

      I suppose I could take a screen shot of an IBKR report, but I would reserve that sort of disclosure for those who are less hostile … (or for some interesting wager). It would be anticlimactic. Although I made over 50% on my hrbn short, I did not put much on it. I don't think I've ever regretted such a nice win. In the link above you can see a portion of the dialogue: "(I got just so little on hrbn to feel like I missed the party.)" You can also look at any chart to see the size of the drop on the date of those posts.)

      "Remember that the loss on shorting has no limited."

      The risk of insolvency is not restricted to short-selling; both sides have their vulnerabilities. Both long and short oriented investors can go bankrupt.

      That said, there are limits to losses in the real world, since there are limits to possessions and resources. I doubt very much that the governments of the world would surrender their currencies to me under any conditions. Without the ability to possess all the wealth in the universe I don't see how I can lose it. On the other hand ... perhaps all governments could sign and stamp a certificate with the symbol for "infinity" and then we could all take turns with limitless gains and losses. But alas, the way it is now, the person on the other side of my would-have-been infinite loss can never quite finish typing in that infinite number to close out. (Sometimes I just get lucky.) Very soon however, there will be keyboard layouts with the infinity symbol sitting right there by the {Enter Key} and then the world economy will be brought to its knees with a single fat-finger trade. The fact that infinity is a metaphysical concept and not a physical reality doesn't help: it's a dangerous mental world we live in, but hey, what can we do?