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  • stankalwala stankalwala Feb 10, 2012 5:06 AM Flag

    LCD device in a bus...

    Today I took an early morning bus in Mumbai. Next to me was sitting an American traveller.
    I saw one large paper poster advertising a baby formula right behind the driver on the wall seperating driving cabin and passanger area.
    Here is the conversation that took place with my American co-traveller.

    me: There it is. Look, that is LCD device. Do you have it in your country?

    American: What?. Thats a simple paper poster.
    Where do you see LCD?.
    And why you use word device?.

    me: we in India call it LCD device.

    American:It's freaking simple paper poster. We have it all over the place. Buses, subway, airports everywhere.
    It's not LCD and it's not device. LCD device are different. They require electric power and I don't think this bus has additional power.
    It's only a paper poster.

    me: Look! I don't care what you call in America, but here in India we call it LCD device.

    American:It's freaking simple paper poster printed somewhere in a print shop.
    LCDs are manufactured in a elctronic factory. There is no LCD here and there is no mechanics of any kind.
    So it is not a device.Its just a simple paper poster. You f king Indians must be out of your mind who call this
    cheap piece of paper as LCD.

    me: see Mr. watch your language. I don't care what you call this thing in your country. But here it is LCD device.

    American: You idiot get out of here. Who you are trying to make fool?.

    I became silent. I did not want him to be more angry and ask the driver to kick my ace out of the bus.

    I pressed as hard as FMCN to convince that American traveller that it is a LCD device.
    He pressed as hard as MW to deny that it is not LCD device.

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    • Agreed. In China. Paper posters is the same as LCD so that's WHY fmcn WILL TRIPLE AFTER THE AUDIT IS SIGNED OFF.

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      • If you want to get technical about it, and it's been explained quite a lot... they are talking about their ad networks. Step into an elevator and you'll have ads on all 3 sides. 2 LCD boxes on the sides and a poster in the back. Alternatively there is a video screen mounted above the buttons. In the lobby there is a video screen mounted between elevators. This decision all comes down to building management and resident tolerance in the end, as the revenue from placing them offsets maintenance/power costs for the elevators with some extra left over.

        So, if there are LCD boxes on the sides and a normal frame in the back, why should this be split into multiple networks? When the ad rotation changes in the boxes, the ad on the poster does as well.

        In the end, of course, the precise counts of exactly how many of each particular type really doesn't matter at all. The company is making money and expanding and that's all that really matters in the end. Everything else is just splitting hairs and there is no deception of advertisers making their ad buys, it's all very clearly spelled out with defined formats for all of it.

        Let's take this conversation to another place, shall we?
        High speed rail definition in China is based on "average speed".
        High speed rail definition in the US is based on "top speed".

        So that single corridor you consider "high speed" actually only has an average of 110km/h, which is an absolute joke. Even normal trains in China can beat that without any real effort. Obviously what has happened here is nothing short of fraud and the US has no actual high-speed rail unless it makes up it's own definition of such. I demand to see the MW expose on this criminal fraud.

    • This is only one of several issues: Did FMCN try to pass off cardboard as if liquid crystal displays? Yes, they did.

      However there is a larger issue.

      Were investors fooled into thinking they were buying more assets than really existed? And the answer to that is, yes they were.

      The only obstacle now is getting investors and the press to stop, spend some time, and sort out the chronology of statements.

    • Dude a nice joke but your DD is wrong.
      FMCN is a chinese co. Not indian co.
      Just to add to your DD note that there is no RTO from Indie listed in USA.

      All indian cos listed in USA are the same entity there is no shell involved. Same is true for all US cos listed in India are the same entity. No shell involved on either side.

      eg. Abbot Lab on NYSE and BSE bomaby stock exchagne are the same entity. Only the ticker is different. Same Infosys in US and India is the same co behind each ticker. No shell and no RTO on both side. Bothe are regulated by both govs.