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  • morrison_s54 morrison_s54 Mar 20, 2012 10:55 AM Flag

    MW new piece

    a good time for a new report

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    • I never said that there was no risk here. I have mentioned several times that I could lose. I cannot control what the auditor or regulators will or will not do.

      I am however certain that FMCN has inflated its assets, confident that the PCAOB is competent, and hopeful that Deloitte will work hard for its reputation.

      I am indeed an independent investor, work for no one and have no other financial support than the profits of my own investments. Matt Berry is my real name. I do not hide behind a nick.

      It would be nice if all on this board were challenged to make similar, full disclosures ...

    • I seem to remember, Matt, yhat you signed on this Message Board a short time following release of the MW allegations, on Nov 21. You have been a persistent basher ever since. Some of those who peruse the messages of this board, it is reasonaboe to say, have assumed that you are either a mouthpiece for (1) MW or(2) a hedge fund that took on a short position following the MW attack. If you are not, so be it. If you are an independent investor, as you allege, you are in a deep hole, it is fair to say. At this point you cling desperately to an audit/20-f stumble. Whow! What would make you, an independent investor, continue to take such a risk? I can understand that it is difficult for the hedge funds to unwind their 11M short position, but you can escape at any time.

    • I wish I could be indifferent; it would make everything easier.

      Of course, I have no crystal ball but I am short FMCN and QIHU for several reasons, and one of them is the regulatory procedure and unique attention that they currently face.

    • Three cheers for Matt. What right does this bozo have to call you an agent?

      Do you track intra day trading or are you indifferent?
      As I recall some 3.6mm traded bf 10am, vs 5 day trailing volume of 1.5mm. Some fund wanted to unload into strength big time. I sure wasn't expecting that. Figured we would kite up to 30 or better for sure.

      So you think this ends with a whimper and a shot in the head April 30?

    • >>"You mention "I am still short both FMCN and QIHU" in your latest message,

      I am indeed short FMCN and QIHU.

      >>Matt, but, in an effort to achieve transperancy, this board has long realized that you do not have a financial stake in either stock and that you are, instead, a hired mouthpiece for a hedge fund that has shorted the two.

      This is a strong and untrue claim. Back up your claims, sir.

      >>The sham allegations made against both FMCN and QIHU are old reading.

      A critical failure in a company's story, demonstrated by forensic evidence, will always be "old" reading ... in the same sense that 2 + 2 = 4 ... 200 years ago, today, and forever.

      >>Most investors dismissed the material on the first perusual.

      That is obvious by the rise in share price. It is my effort to be actively correct, not passively influenced by the whims of the largest group in the room.

      >>The nimble were able profit from short positions made prior to the allegations.

      My investment style precludes "nimble" entries and exits. I am waiting for the 20-f deadline -- april 30 -- not the outcome of random buys-and-sells today.

      >>You would be more understandable if vyou would simply declare yourself as their agent. Your scrutiny of this board 24/7 would then be better appreciated. "

      I work for no one but myself. I have no "team." I am affiliated with no hedge funds or other financial institutions with an interest in the outcome of FMCN. I am a full-time, private investor. I spend a lot of time and study on my investments.

      Matt Berry is my real name. I put both my reputation and my own money on the line (and no one else's). I do not hide behind a nick. Why don't you disclose your real name, since you have just slandered mine. Show some courage.

    • What is MW?