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  • matt.berry01 matt.berry01 Mar 27, 2012 11:29 AM Flag

    Idea for new, innovative "LCD" technology for SEC Filings


    2.) “MW sham attack.” If it is a sham, a simple exposure of key facts would reveal it. Please show some discipline and provide some. The constant dodge of the solid evidence against FMCN by such ad hominem attacks as yours leaves the conclusion against FMCN standing.

    FMCN lied about the Theaters. We know that with deductive certainty. We also know through this deduction that management should not be trusted.

    As for the ongoing business, we must consider its very significant portion of FMCN’s revenue and what we now know is an inflated LCD count. We know this by observing their adjustments in that count over the last few months since MW waters exposed the facts. We also know by common sense that cardboard posters do not use Liquid Crystal Display technology and FMCN clearly referred to the units in its LCD Network as “LCD” and “flat-panel” devices.

    For as long as these common sense conclusions are ignored, investors remain vulnerable. Shorts serve the market well in keeping such critical facts from being buried in distractions and in full view. Keeping all information on the table so that incoming investors can make an informed decision is a positive exercise.