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  • shrewddude60 shrewddude60 Aug 15, 2012 5:05 AM Flag

    Serious note to investors---

    Fountain Vest, one of the private equity groups financing this proposal and FOLSUN, a Chinese corporation, share corporate office space in the same building in China. So what? It seems Folsun recently acquired 110,000 shares in Focus prior to the let of the going private letter. Interestingly, this same scenario is playing out in a smaller company I own shares in[ jade, ticker symbol]. Folsun's profit in the jade deal will be approximately $500,000 for a few week stay and being LUCKY enough to acquire shares JUST PRIOR to the going private. I would suspect Focus is down in pps at this writing therefore the private take-out will cause losses to many who have invested in Focus. Interesting that a company, Folsun, sharing offices in the same building as FOUNTAIN VEST, would be LUCKY enough to acquire shares JUST PRIOR TO THE TAKE-OUT in two separate deals. Yeah, you got fleeced. Join the crowd. Where's Herb Greenberg of CNBC when you need him. He has a penchant for uncovering shady deals with Chinese companies. Here's your fodder, Herb!

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