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  • real1614 real1614 Aug 16, 2012 8:10 AM Flag

    FMCN video in China T V

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    • SEC needs to step up on Muddy waters because any moron can start a blog and front run their trades like they do? How about i buy rino 500k at 4cents and start a research report where i know they will come back to nasdaq or be bought out at 3$ with disclaimers-stocks gets pumped i sell into it then go short. Thats what muddy waters is doing-most every research firm has trading restrictions when they come out with research

    • Very good analysis. Fosun, the largest shareholder who bought a lot after the MW report depressed the pps, will benefit from this privatization. One reason they could privatize with $27 and not pay at least $40 is the existence of these large shareholders and the PEs who may have already accumulated significant amount. Looks like financing is not a problem as the big banks are lining up to fight for a share in the deal. It's a loss to NASDAQ and a shame to let this great growing cash cow Chinese company leave the US market. Again, it's surprising to hear that Carson Block did not say he is still short but said privatization is good choice for FMCN, he probably was long and selling into this rally. Must be shocking to the shorts if MW reveals their transaction record. Some people got really fooled by MW again but you can't blame them as they already said to use their report at your own risk. I only think what MW did was illegal, i.e., stock price manipulation without actual supporting evidence. That's up to the SEC to investigate.