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  • tjrs_souriant tjrs_souriant Aug 28, 2012 8:34 PM Flag

    Smoke, Mirrors and Manipulation

    The list has been awfully quiet lately. Now that Jiang is trying to buy FMCN, it looks like he laid off all the pumpers. LOL As for the bashers, they don't have much to work with now that there's a credible offer on the table. I've been doing some due diligence and came across a few interesting facts and articles.

    In those I found that the overall sentiment is positive. In general, analysts are giving a good valuation of roughly $37 and with the exception of GS, most have recently upgraded with 3 buy, 2 outperform and 1 hold. Institutions have off loaded a bit from roughly 60% to 52% (potentially manipulations). P/E and EPS look very good not to mention dividends.

    In the obsession article above, I don't agree with the thought that one of the backers will pull out and the stock will go to $2. If think that Jiang is shrewd enough to make sure that everybody is onboard before sticking is neck out (and his 18% of 3.5 billions of FMCN's valuation). From the looks of it, he certainly has thing under control because the downward pressure is constant despite a very good earnings report. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he's hired brokers to put downward pressures on the stock to keep it low enough to influence the board's decision.

    If we don't smarten up and start buying shares soon, the "special" board of directors will allow the LBO and they'll steal FMCN from us at a bargain price of $27 a share!

    Disclosure: I'm long and jump in and out from time to time.