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  • giantswonagain12 giantswonagain12 Feb 6, 2012 8:38 AM Flag

    Year end Jan 2012

    Any thoughts on how they did?

    Next year ??

    those big orders they got late fall, what do they mean ?


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    • I think they did just fine, not bad, not great, just good.

      I think there was another thread where valuation, margins and performance were discussed recently. I think it was agreed that one area for management to work on is cost of sales (too high) and also overall sales revenues (too conservative) they need to get out and sell sell sell, more in bulk and quit paying so much attention to quality detail.

      I think more of a question mark in this one is how the stock trades. We know now that Elec tec has been unwinding a large position in AIM for quite a while and with enemic volume and no bid support, they are having issues getting out so it keeps a lid on the price momentum, if there even is any. But what I find especially interesting is the short volume levels over time.
      Take a look at the one year chart on for AIM and tell me why the short volume fluctuates so wildly and is very often 100% of the total volume!!
      Look at Mondays (3/5) volume, 3.5k total volume and 3.2k of the volume was SHORT sales?!!! Huhhh?! Remember too the pps dropped down from $3 on Monday with that volume down to $2.80 a seven percent decline in a day when only a couple hundred shares were actually traded, the rest were short.