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  • gmmcdon42 gmmcdon42 Apr 2, 2012 4:04 PM Flag

    E-T and friends have either..............

    left the building or are attempting to do so. By 12/31 Artis Capital Management, Great Oaks Capital Management, Northern Trust Corp. and UBS AG had all sold all their shares. Together they held 2.25% of the company's shares. Dimential Fund Advisors and Wells Fargo Co. both lightened up about 5% of their holdings. E-T continues to bleed off shares. Does it give anyone pause as to why these major investors are giving up on AIM ?
    When I looked at the bid/ask this morning I thought the stock was going to move into my wheelhouse, but it looks like the market maker is going to hold out. There are thousands of shares on the bid side below $2.40.

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    • UP, if there was any liquidity in this stock you might have a point. But, since there is little interest, pushing up will only increase their position with no way out. There were 4,000 shares on the bid at 2.40 yesterady and no one took the bait. I guess E-T was off for a long holiday weekend.

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      • Right, there is no liquidity because there are no traders in the stock, just long term holders who are stuck, sittin in the name. There are ways to draw in traders to provide liquidity, but it must happen by building a wave, either way, down or up.
        Simply printing a few shares traded at a low price does not start anything.
        No one took the bait down at $2.40 because about $2.25 is book value so no long termers are going to sell at $2.40, its retarded. On the bid side, there still is not a robust bid down here because no one knows about or cares about this stock or company. The only way to draw in a large volume of traders is to start low and keep moving up with larger and larger volume, eventually the movement itself usually draws in traders as they see the stock is having a move for some 'reason'. I know, I know, it doesn't sound ethical, but really the big money decides the trading ranges for all stocks anyways so why does AIM have to have a P/E of 1?? Why not 2, or 5 or 10 or 20?!! If the chart looked healthy and volume looked robust for some time period, dont underestimate the number of traders who could flock to the stock to trade it, then the greater volume would continue the move. They could try going lower and lower but we are already bumping along at book, not very many shares are going to come out of the vice grip of long termers down here, we already tried these levels. Volume will be brought out and bought out at higher levels, if there was trading volume to sustain a move to get to those higher prices, its all about momentum in a stock and this one is just flat dead, no movement imo. When a stock sits flat for months on end, liquidity dries up because sellers and buyers do not think they can make money, there is no movement. If there was movement, I think buyers and sellers would come out of the woodwork bcause there would be a game on, drawing out volume which would add liquidity which would do long termers a favor bcause the sheer volume may create some upside momentum (maybe on some sort of news) then E-T would have an easier time unwinding their position, and at a higher price. Its like playing checkers with a child, if you crush them their first 20 games, they are not going to want to play another game with you, you have to mix it up to keep them playing, eventually with enough games, they will become better players and the games will get more interesting. E-T has crushed this stock and ground holders into dust here so everyone is just sitting in unrealized losses forever, no movement.


    • sjmjsm Apr 2, 2012 4:44 PM Flag

      Athena transferred its shares to an affiliate. Their holdings have not changed. E-T is the problem child.