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  • b_zerkley b_zerkley Mar 11, 1999 9:21 AM Flag

    During the last few days...

    MCK has finally been acting right. That's NOT TO
    SAY it's been going up, but rather it's setting a
    base. While there could be new concerns raised by
    someone/something, this stock now sells at a discount to the S&P
    based on FY 2000 earnings (even using the low end of
    the range). It's gone from a high P/E speculation to
    a value play (OK...I may be over stating it some).
    A few more days of holding above 58 and we might
    see a move up. Then we just have to pray for a good
    earnings report and steady orders/revenues from the HBOC
    side of the business. Just my HO.
    Long thru 2000.

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    • Sure its dated. But if they are still holding, it may help.

    • with data about mutual funds, such as Merrill
      Lynch's Health Funds, is that the information is dated.
      Perhaps they have sold or are currently selling. However,
      once again, my feeling is that sellers at this level
      are extremely shortsighted. This is a great long-term

    • Meryll's Health funds all of which have the highest Morning star Rating all own MCK as one of their 10 largest holdings.

      Should they not know.?

    • it rebounded a bit at the low 70's.

      the low 50's. This way, you won't be as discouraged
      when it does happen. And, if we're as lucky as we had
      been lately, watch for further sliding.

      shorty here, just an investor whose now down more than
      30% on this junk. CEOs and Management buy-ins? To me,
      it's incentive programs, nothing more nothing less.

    • Stock essentially at 1 year low- 56 15/16 vs. 57
      Base formed at 57 3/4-58 range.
      Upgrade imminent in
      that MCK will make earnings target without dilutive
      HBOC effect.
      Stock is a $ 75-80 dollar stock
      without it (has been to almost $ 100).
      position at 57 7/8 (previously in at 63 1/2).
      Now is
      the time to get in before a jump over $60 and
      everyone hits the bandwagon.
      LeTech- some of your money
      is about to return....

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      • My Broker also mentioned about basing. He said
        when a stock is downgraded w/o an earning cut; the
        price swing due to day traders
        is so large that it
        results by about 20% excess and can last between 3-8
        days. Thereafer the stock returns to

        Does your post reflect the local M.L thinking or is
        that the
        latest research from Head Office for all
        their clients.

        Thanks for those details.

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