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  • jksouth jksouth Feb 17, 2009 11:47 AM Flag

    EGLE wiped me out

    Bought EGLE at $8 thinking it was a good price, and reading analysts reviews. They did a 180 and reversed all projections next week, basically screwed all retailers again. To all happy I'm wiped out, hope you all rot in one way or another.

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    • If you are in the stock for the "long-haul" why did you sell...?
      If you are in it short-term, why buy at $8...?
      Especially when days like Nov 21, Dec 4, Dec 29, Jan 23, Feb 2 (and possibly today) tell EGLE's real story; and anytime during the last 3mos, EGLE gets at or above $8 the technicals read over-bought.

      Granted, peanut gallery posts are no consolation for your "wipe out", but what about having a stop loss in place?
      If you stopped-out between 8 - 12%, you wouldn't be "wiped out".

      With all that being said, it smells like you are pumping fear-mongering.
      Why post that you got "wiped out" to begin with...?

      Happy trading,

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      • Excuse me. Serious question. If you stop out at 12%, don't you have a wash adjusted sale that keeps you from buying the stock again within 30 days. Response appreciated if you know. Thanks.

      • When your down like 50% in a week on one stock, uh, I think thats classified as wiped out. Eagles move downward is a full out retail investor slaughter. There is no excuse for such a slide other than pure premeditated stock price manipulation. Its now rampant. Didn't sell but it sucks to get ripped off. Could have bought 2 times more today, instead of down 50%. Public selfserving Downgrades should be made illegal, only allowed within your firm and your firms investors would fix this legal robbery.

    • besides the wall street criminals nobody's happy in your loss. All I can say I already said. The stock is pretty close to channel/swing bottom. If you have cash buy it now. I am trading EGLE because I am a trader but I will jump as soon as I feel a direction turns to North.

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