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  • audiophul audiophul Feb 21, 2014 6:59 AM Flag

    Wow. You are running everyone off.

    Figures. Loud mouth lying punks don't garner much respect. LOL! Now continue your stalking and harassing of me.

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    • You harass everyone you ever encounter, I just figured that you would enjoy having the same bashing done to you. I don't bash unless someone's bashing me and I warned you and caustic fred about that, you ignored the warning and bashed me.. when I was growing up, all that my friends and I ever did was mock each other and so it comes naturally to me. I've since grown up but you haven't and so I've stooped down to your level and that's what you apparently wanted since you did not listen to my warning. Better listen to the next time some guy warns you to lighten up, you embarrass yourself frequently with your posts and that gives anyone the opportunity to discredit you, as I have done several times now.

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      • "You harass everyone you ever encounter…"

        Nope. Just the lying pumpers and the loudmouth newbies that get it WRONG, do it often and then clog up the boards with their attacks on me out of jealousy. How many boards have you stalked me on by now? A couple of dozen?

      • "I've since grown up..."

        Apparently not.

        Your continual verbal diarrhea is doing nothing to support your assertion that you've "grown up". You come across as just another 12 year old with an attitude.

        "...your posts and that gives anyone the opportunity to discredit you, as I have done several times now."

        Actually, they don't, and you didn#$%$ your continual misreading of his intent re: his trades that is leading you astray.

        As for your pontification on scrapping, ship availability,etc. you should consult with Audio. He's as close to an encyclopedia on shipping related matters as frequents these boards (just ask him about port infrastructure, main engines, etc). He can explain why, in great detail, your presumptions are incorrect.

        He's always willing to share his knowledge with those who ask politely.

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