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  • franticshorty franticshorty Nov 15, 2012 8:55 PM Flag


    Down 25% after good news? That is how shorts make out. But recently it's all good news, except that people are imagining a fiscal crisis in the US which has nothing to do with this stock People are stupid. That is why nothing makes sense and whether you are long or short it is only on luck that longs or shorts make out. It could go back up to three by December and who knows why? then shorts panic!!!!!

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    • The US economy does effect the world. Definitely agree on the short sightedness though. Consumers were just starting to open their wallets and along comes the government to impose higher taxes. Nice job guys. Eventually those used cars are going to wear out. Buy here at 0.8 or below. Sell at 1.20. wash, rinse, repeat. Hold on to some long shares for when we finally start producing. Depending on your strategy and pain threshold this fiscal cliff might be an excellent buying opportunity if the broad market gets hit hard.

    • Thank Christ someone has some sense

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      • This has to be the cheapest bargain out there in Junior mining and there are several
        bargains out there. I made money on PPP (Primero) buying at depressed levels when
        there was some issue with a pending tax ruling which turned out in their favor) and
        the stock went from 2.25 or there abouts to over 7 (since dropped back to 6), and I
        have re-invested that into PLG and I consider this to be even more undervalued than
        PPP was (factoring in a potential dilution which according to my source is not a
        given but only one of several options being considered, and also their Waterberg
        strike). Their known reserves are worth billions after cost of extraction. Their reserve estimates will be many times that by the time they finish drilling the Waterberg propertyy much of which may be mined at a cost of only $200 or lower through open pit mining. The more they drill, the better it gets. PLG owns 87% of all that property to the north from up to where they have drilled, where they
        believe the Pt rich layers may be minable via open pit. It is not a stretch to speculate that the Waterberg discovery may be the biggest Pt discovery in history. If it pans out as speculated, it will be by far a bigger positive than a dilution will be a negative (if they choose that path).
        I am continuing to accumulate at these levels, this week and today, and now exceed 100K shares. I have more cash on reserve to catch the nervous spill from the loose hands if it goes lower. If
        you are blind, all you see is the price dropping. If you can see, then you know where
        the company is headed. I think it is headed toward becoming the leading producer of
        PGMs, a billion dollar company easily and eventually multi-billion, before 2020. All the fundamental pieces are either inplace, or about to fall into place, and all you have to do is wait with confidence. The market seems to assign no value to a discovery that is already known to be worth billions and counting, hence my enthusiasm. I think their book value will have to be adjusted upward in the coming year. Maybe that will allow it to get picked up on stock screeners. I can't see this not being 5 bucks in 3 years, and 10 or higher in 5 to 7 years. These are huge gains when you can see this stock is available at below 1.00. This may seem like a risky bet, but the more I find out the more calculated a bet it becomes, and the more attractive this is as a long term investment, that is if any of you out there still 'buy and hold' instead of the fad 'in and out', 'toe in and run' investors. I am by far beating the averages over time with good 'buy and hold' strategies and am all in in equity. My account is more volatile day to day but over time trending a lot higher. Calculated buying and holding seems to work fine for me. Good luck longs.

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