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  • doing_good123 doing_good123 Jun 25, 2013 11:41 AM Flag

    Wow this stock is very strange..just 28k shares traded and down over 4% !! Makes no sense

    if the potential is go great and they are ALREADY making big deals with healthcare companies, why does this stock sell off like this ??

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    • Crapola, off 6.17% now, everytime I get excited this stock kicks my butt! I added shares yesterday over $5.14 and again today at 4.97, think I'm done adding. It sure as heck is getting a haircut now, good time to add.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I am interested in investing in this company, but I am weary at this price level. This may be a good investment over the long term, but how do we assess the downside risk in the short term. Why buy today if it can so easily go down another 5% tomorrow?
      There is not much coverage and most of the positive articles seem to be written by the same analyst. Do you have any links or financial models you can provide? Thanks in advance!

    • The company was brought public by a small shop called Dawson James. Before that they did a private at 1.25 a share. The have no capital and do not defend the stock. From time to time you will get these strange trades as some retail customer needs money and blows out their shares. They have no idea of what they own and when they are finished selling their cheap stock we can get on with our lives.

      Dawson James does not care about potential. They just care about commissions. In due time we will get a world class investment banker and analyst to advise the company. In the mean time, thank your lucky stars there are some dumb people in the world.

    • Frustrating isn't it? I was prepared to see some follow through on the upside today, then this, off almost 4%! These are the days you just add to your position, and hold onto your conviction. It's a small cap company and goes with the territory. I don't know of a better risk reward play out there, given what I know about them. OK, well maybe ATRS, my biggest position, but ATOS has a higher potential if they are able to capitalize on their sector. CYTK also looks promising in here, TSRX, HALO. These are my favorite healthcare stocks.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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