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  • gswkool gswkool Jul 26, 2012 6:42 PM Flag

    Looking for Some Help Here

    I agree to some level - however, how many saw Enron's collapse coming? I do my diligence as best I can and diversify my holdings to spread my risks. If I had gotten caught up in trying to understand every last detail on the 8Ks, 10K's...etc of all my holdings I would have missed out on quite a bit of profit.

    This is a relatively high beta stock compared to, say, a KMB or JNJ. I wouldn't consider it a "safety" stock or something to hide in.

    When the market moves, this stock will move same direction to a greater effect {magnitude}.

    For me, for most part, I look at macro picture first then make my stock selection and allocations based on that. Since I'm not exactly a bull right now, I'm keeping away from stocks in general right now, and esp. those that are more volatile like BGCP. I'm willing to sacrifice some potential profit in exchance for some clarity....

    good luck to all...

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