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  • ironroad45 ironroad45 Jul 28, 2012 11:03 AM Flag

    I am done

    jforuus you should be ashamed of yourself; spreading lies, anger and FUD.

    jforuus comes on this board(and who knows how many other boards) talking about things from the top of its head without any research...

    Had jforuus done any research it would have given a proper response to; CFP inception Sept. 2007 @ $15./shr. 5 years ago, 21% distribution policy>>> 21% times 5 equals 105% with OVER $5./shr left.

    Instead jforuus babbles on (in THREE separate post) its same 'broken record' chat....meaningless opinions.

    SHAME on you jforuus. I won't call you a LIAR, you'll do that to youself the next time you post here on the CFP message board.

    Best of luck to you jforuus, I hope things work out for you to get pass your anger issues.

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    • Put him on ignore.......I did so long time ago..........saves a lot of wasted space and time.

      in fact if others did not mention him........would not know he was here...


      • 1 Reply to tug8boat

        " Both articles point out what our readers already know that the share values of this group of CEFs are based upon a faulty premise: that a high nominal yield funded with a return-of-capital distribution, as opposed to investment earnings, is not an investment. It is more of a "piggy bank" from which your pay yourself the money you've contributed. These stocks should sell at substantial discounts as opposed to premiums

        Candidly, what we find troubling is that the president of Cornerstone advisors did not return request for comments. If Cornerstone has a legitimate strategy for its funds then it should articulate it. Check out any of the Cornerstone advised CEF websites-oh, that's right, they don't have any!"

        Tugs you made a good call with ARR and I hope for the sake of all the other investors of CFP you are correct again.

        I can tell you this, after that article and comments about the President of Cornerstone the sponsors of there tickers have a magnifying glass on them and they should be trading up for several weeks just to get the heat of there back and try to prove the article in correct via manipulation. An investor at that time should use it as a time to EXIT if such a scenario pans out.

        You should know how the crooks of Wall St. work and play accordingly.

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