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  • jforuus jforuus Jul 31, 2012 9:49 AM Flag

    Listen to Tugs or WSJ that rag, but?

    it may actually have one credible writer, I will have to stalk and see whats up with him...

    Regardless, since you all beg to hear from me, I shall only submit articles of others perhaps you will read in between the lines. Tugs are you and the President of Cornerstone swapping spit while the investors are being tea bagged? :) Its only a game, tugs! relax, though I thought you were leaving to be at the SI board since its DRIVEL here or are you just a troll for that board and trying to get volume up on it? :)

    They always want to drown out the voice of TRUTH and reality with disparing comments and responses.

    You should scroll thru and list all the men that have been opposing reality and note them on a list for yourself and others to share and please post on the "DIA" message board and expose such men and women.

    " Both articles point out what our readers already know that the share values of this group of CEFs are based upon a faulty premise: that a high nominal yield funded with a return-of-capital distribution, as opposed to investment earnings, is not an investment. It is more of a "piggy bank" from which your pay yourself the money you've contributed. These stocks should sell at substantial discounts as opposed to premiums

    Candidly, what we find troubling is that the president of Cornerstone advisors did not return request for comments. If Cornerstone has a legitimate strategy for its funds then it should articulate it. Check out any of the Cornerstone advised CEF websites-oh, that's right, they don't have any!"

    What have I been saying? Am I speaking SPANGLISH? lol

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