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  • jforuus jforuus Dec 30, 2012 10:57 AM Flag

    October 2012 this fund collapsed

    That is the month all the sponsors and brokers who colluded to bring this ticker down realized they were exposed and they were never going to get this ticker to go back up.

    It is dead. The name is worthless and the management team is toxic.

    Great job!! haahhahah!!

    way to end your careers.

    Sell into strength.

    Oh in the $4..that $5.80 is looking fantastic now huh!!

    it is going to get worse and its NEVER getting better, this hopefully will be the end of this team and hopefully they don't get hired anywhere else, but you can rest assured I will be there to expose that team as well.

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    • FUND MANAGER and team realized that they have become toxic and they wouldn't be able to slip into another team with out us colluding to identify them and the next #$%$ that hires them on to their team.

      Playing the game of allowing others to steal his clients money and vice-verse; we are all on to it!

      Took him long enough to make changes, let us see if they were wise moves.

      INF huh? ok, I am all ears to see what that is all about...that fund manager is worthless, actually the INF fund entire team is worthless...but at least we have a fire lit under CFP rears since they have been stinking it up all over the place.

      WHO READS SEEKING ALPHA AND MOTLEY TOOL? seeking alpha bloggers?
      fool...nice job with ddd 60pts and a loss of 250 pts on nflx, but the nflx is making a comeback...but we know the game...the programs reset and now the industry pump is on.....we bore of it all.

    • come on boys you can do it!! $5.80 around the corner....

      the cornerstone guys are really tough to own and trust...

      they obviously have stripped many men already of their money hence why they are able to drive the pps back up...your computer programs can save your reputation only so many times before investors tire of the game of stealing their money.

      alot of men who sold out and gave up at break even and at losses are fueling the pps rebound..make no mistake,

    • So jfor how long have you been dead? I don't think it's been long enough but you can always try for a resurrection. Good luck.

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