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  • alumilli alumilli Jun 4, 2013 12:40 PM Flag

    Rights Offering

    Has anyone been through oneof these before? Was it beneficial for the shareholder or not?

    I'm trying to make up my mind what to do.

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    • Also, just to add a consideration to the previous post… to take full advantage of the 100% over allotment, and any additional shares that are available….which should help keep your average low….although it may make you over weight in this fund in the beginning… can unload the unwanted shares when sp rebounds for some gains…..and perhaps collect an extra divvy or two as well.


    • Yes, and yes to both questions…..but my situation may be different from yours…..hard to say what someone else should do….when their particulars are unknown…..but generally speaking….experts advise you to participate in a rights offering… they are dilutive by nature…..and you’ll own a smaller percentage of the fund if you don’t……that aside….it really comes down to you…..if it were me….I’d look at how many shares I own first….how many I can purchase at RO price ($5.48)….and also what my broker cost will be….keep in mind the actual RO price may be less… you’ll get additional shares in return….then crunch the numbers to see if it’s in your best interest…..or can you do better purchasing in open market…..also consider these RO’s usually favor the larger investors….as opposed to the smaller investors due to broker cost, and amount of shares.


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