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  • flankenking flankenking Mar 16, 2013 3:50 AM Flag

    A company with such facts is extreme undervalued: with only 35 million like today

    A company with such facts is extreme undervalued: with only 36 million like today
    Fiscal 2013 Financial Guidance of Local Corp:

    Revenue - The company expects 2013 revenue of between $93 million and $95 million, which at the mid-point, is an increase of 12 percent, over the fourth quarter 2012 exit run rate.

    Adjusted Net Income – Adjusted Net Income for 2013 is expected to be at least $5 million, which would result in approximately $1 million in debt-free cash flow. The company defines debt-free cash flow as cash provided by operating activities, less capital expenditures

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    • Local Corporation Reaches Record Mobile, Organic and Total Search Traffic

      Local Corporation Reaches Record Mobile, Organic and Total Search Traffic
      Press Release: Local Corporation – 5 hours ago.. .

      IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--

      Local Corporation (LOCM), a leading online local media company, today announced record mobile, organic and total search traffic for the first quarter 2013.

      The company reached mobile traffic of 32 million monthly unique visitors (MUVs) during the first quarter 2013, up 167 percent from 12 million MUVs during the year ago period.

      Organic traffic also continued to grow, representing 49 million MUVs during the first quarter, up 40 percent from 35 million MUVs during the year ago period.

      The company reached 106 million total MUVs during the first quarter, up 13 percent from 94 million MUVs during the year ago period.

      “Traffic volumes remain a key performance indicator for our business. We exceeded our first quarter expectations in each area, which provides us with a strong foundation for performance for the year,” said Heath Clarke, Local Corporation chairman and CEO.

      All site traffic and usage statistics are from third-party service providers engaged by the company. Quarterly MUV traffic is equal to the aggregate of each month's MUV traffic numbers in that quarter. Traffic and the company’s monetization of that traffic combine to determine its revenues for any given period. The company’s traffic volume alone for a period should not be viewed as demonstrative of its financial results for such period.

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      • But the biggest sensation: Organic Traffic was 46% in Q1/2013: Organic Traffic and Direct Revenues produce no cost of revenues and this 46% are a Big Progress on the Way to 50/50 in 2013 and an important step to build a more defensible and sustanainable business

        Development of Organic Traffic/Monthly Unique Visitors (MUVs):

        2010: 88 million = 31% of total traffic

        2011: 117 million = 33% of total traffic

        2012: 155 million = 37% of total traffic

        Q1/2013 = 46% (49 million in the first quarter or 196 million in the year by an extrapolation)

        Goal: 50% of total traffic Less

        About the effects: Estimated Proforma Margin Impact (Source: Presentation IV/2012)

        Mix 1
        70% SEM/Third Party advertiser revenue and 30% Organic/Direct Revenue
        Results: Gross Margin = 30% of revenues, Adjusted Net Income = 4% of revenues

        Mix 2
        50% SEM/Third Party advertiser revenue and 50% Organic/Direct Revenue
        Results: Gross Margin = 44% of revenues, Adjusted Net Income = 17% of revenues

    • The Strategy of Local Corp
      We believe that we are in the early stages of a large and long-term business opportunity presented by the shift of local marketing budgets from traditional media formats to digital media formats. Our strategy for pursuing this opportunity includes the following key components:

      • Increase growth drivers: Key to driving our growth is: the expansion of both our reach (the number of MUVs we serve) and the monetization of that reach (how much ad revenue we generate from those users); and by increasing the number of SMB customers using our platform.

      • Diversify product offerings : In 2010 and 2011, we took steps to diversify our revenue sources, while maintaining our focus on local offerings through the acquisition of: Octane360, which serves as the technology platform for many of our SMB ad products, in the third quarter of 2010; Krillion, which provides near-real-time product and inventory information; and SMG in mid-2011. Our development and acquisition efforts also represent a point of differentiation from an increasingly crowded field in online advertising. We believe that a diversity of offerings will differentiate us from certain of our competitors that may offer only one or two of our services, but not the full suite of our product offerings which we believe appeals to our customers and partners alike.

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      • • Optimize monetization: As an ongoing initiative, we continuously look to optimize our ability to monetize the traffic reaching our domains. In
        particular, we apply scientific methodology when testing new user experiences that lend to both higher monetization/margin opportunities as well as
        an enhanced user experience. In addition, we are leveraging the data from Krillion as another method of monetization across our properties.

        • Add Network websites and expand Network content: Our Network growth strategy includes: adding new websites; expanding the content and products available to our network partners; growing the user base of our existing products through SEO efforts and content expansion; and improving our overall monetization per visitor through continued page optimization. We believe that expanded distribution increases our value in the local search ecosystem, thereby attracting new advertisers. This, in turn, allows us to compete for expanded distribution, creating what we feel is a virtuous cycle, with strategic defensibility originating from our significant base of traffic on our O&O properties. We further believe that over time, any local search network without an accompanying proprietary traffic source will find it increasingly difficult to compete.

      • • Increase organic traffic: Our O&O growth strategy continues to be focused on increasing organic traffic to our websites, which includes organic and SEO traffic and expanding the monetization of the users we reach today. We believe that adding more content, such as product pricing and inventory information from Krillion, and presenting that content in a useful way to our users, will ultimately drive more organic and SEO traffic over time, both of which are our high margin traffic sources, compared to SEM sourced traffic. We plan to add more content to the website by launching verticals that appeal to our core demographic of soccer moms – for example: shopping; education; and health & wellness. If we are able to increase the amount of type-in and SEO traffic that our flagship-site receives, we may be able to reduce our reliance on lower-margin traffic we acquire from other search engines.

        • Add new targeted brands, products and services

        We also expect to add new brands, products and services to our O&O business unit over time. Additionally, we anticipate that much of the content we develop or acquire for our own O&O properties may also be useful to enhance the product and content offerings we make to our network partners. Our Octane360 acquisition has provided us with some of these attributes including: the ability to quickly create websites focused on particular geographic areas and categories; and to populate those websites with targeted content that we
        believe will be useful to both our core demographic and our advertisers. In December 2012, we announced the launch of certain vertical sites that focus on lead generation opportunities and expand our monetization methods and in January 2013, we announced the launch of the United Kingdom (“UK”) version of our flagship-site to expand the geographic footprint of our offering.

    • Excellent time to sell all shares of extreme undervalued hype with non fundamentals Yelp and buy for the amount the extreme undervalued coming 10-bagger Local Corp, with extreme excellent fundamentals.

    • Remember my advice:;range=1m;compare=yelp;indicator=volume;charttype=area;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=undefined;

    • Buy-rating of UBS is good to sell this extreme overvalued share today and invest the amount in extreme undervalued Loxal Corp.

    • Expand Your Universe with Launch by Local: Launch is our complete online marketing solution for all phases of customer interaction

      Take Your Business to New Heights: With Launch, you can send your business skyward. Launch works from the ground up to accelerate your online presence to reach more of the customers you want and keep them coming back for more:.
      • Grow your online presence
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      • Generate significant repeat business
      Get Going Fast with the Propel package:
      • No contracts or setup fees
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      • Banner advertising
      • Content

      SMB Marketing in 2013: 68% of small businesses to increase marketing budget
      David Kirkpatrick January 17th, 2013
      I recently came across research from AWeber that found 68% of small businesses plan on increasing their marketing budget in 2013, and a full 97% plan on at least maintaining their current level of marketing spending.That’s a very solid majority of small businesses that are putting more money into their marketing efforts.
      Source: Marketing Sherpa

      An excellent message for Local Corp with the offer Launch by Local: "That’s a very solid majority of small businesses that are putting more money into their marketing efforts."

      As mentioned, mobile use in general is only going up and, as we’ve said before, it is soon expected to surpass desktop use. The huge rise in mobility is evidence that on-the-go consumers aren’t just searching for things like restaurants and retail stores, but they’re looking for all kinds of businesses and products, including entertainment, professional services, healthcare, and groceries. So, don’t make the mistake of thinking your niche doesn’t need a mobile website.

    • Mobile Is A Big Advantage For Local Corp
      First: Mobile Apps and mobile-enabled available for consumer sites
      • Flagship-Site
      • Spreebird
      Second: Launch by Local solution offers a mobile-optimized website for SMBs

      Local Corporation Reaches Record Organic and Mobile Quarterly Search Traffic: Local Corporation , a leading online local media company, today announced record organic and mobile search traffic for the fourth quarter 2012.
      Mobile traffic continued to grow, representing 25 million MUVs during the fourth quarter 2012, up 220 percent from 8 million MUVs during the year ago period.
      "Organic and mobile traffic growth both continue to be key performance indicators for our business and these records represent large milestones for us,” said Carlos Caponera, Local Corporation, senior director, consumer properties. "We are making significant progress in growing our ecosystem by driving increased traffic from both organic and mobile sources.”
      All site traffic and usage statistics are from third-party service providers engaged by the company. Quarterly MUV traffic is equal to the aggregate of each month's MUV traffic numbers in that quarter.

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      • Local Corporation's Spreebird Awarded “Best Shopping Mobile App” by the Web Marketing Association
        Popular deals site app recognized as Best in Industry

        IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar. 29, 2012-- Local Corporation (NASDAQ: LOCM), a leading online local media company, today announced that Spreebird Deals has been named “Best Shopping Mobile Application” in the Web Marketing Association's 2012 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards.
        The annual IAC Awards are produced by the Web Marketing Association to honor excellence in online advertising, recognize the individuals and organizations responsible, and showcase the best in award-winning Internet advertising. Judges recognized Spreebird on criteria including creativity, innovation, impact, design, copywriting, use of the medium and memorability.
        “This is a tremendous honor and reflects the creative spirit and commitment of our talented Spreebird team,” said Malcolm Lewis, SVP and general manager, Spreebird Deals. “Consumers are accessing deals from their mobile devices more than ever before. The Spreebird mobile app makes it considerably easier for consumers to access Spreebird deals anytime, anyplace while allowing them to give back to their local communities.”
        According to eMarketer, nearly 20 million U.S. adults redeemed a mobile coupon or deal in 2011 and they expect that by 2013 that number will nearly double.

      • Excellent App from the Flagship-site
        What does our app do?

        It is a fun, free way to discover the best places, events and savings in your neighborhood. You can:
        Search by keyword and category
        Rate & Review
        Get Details
        Map it
        Share it
        No time to type? Say it.

        Our convenient, interactive voice search lets you find what you need by keyword location or category - all without having to type.

        Say it and we get results for you fast.
        Our app gets to know you.

        We serve up intuitive suggestions for your time of day, weather and location.
        How about indoor activities for the kids when it’s raining? Or the nearest movie theater for a night out?
        Let us suggest something for you today

    • Yelp has only 88% of the Monthly Unique Visitors of Local Corp, but the 46-fold market-cap
      Market-Cap of Local Corp = 34 million

      Market-Cap of Yelp = 1,560 million

      Local Corp development of Unique Visitors:

      11/2012: 18,745,842 Monthly Unique Visitors

      12/2012: 22,738,206 Monthly Unique Visitors

      01/2013: 26,410,927 Monthly Unique Visitors

      02/2013: 24,017,605 Monthly Unique Visitors

      Decrease of 9.06% (but February has only 28 days against 31 in January) against January and an increase of 38.64% year-over-year.

      Compare with the development of Yelp's Unique Visitors:

      11/2012: 19,358,705 Monthly Unique Visitors

      12/2012: 21,017,483 Monthly Unique Visitors

      01/2013: 22,293,301 Monthly Unique Visitors

      02/2013: 21,063,155 Monthly Unique Visitors

      Decrease of 5.52% (but February has only 28 days against 31 in January) against January and an increase of 12.66% year-over-year.

    • We (Local Corp) Believe the Inflection Point is Now and Flankenking Agree

      • Five material challenges in 24 months withstood
      » Significant cost to the company in revenue and earnings

      • Highest revenue per employee ever
      »Projected growth to about $900k per employee by EOY 2013
      »Running lean!

      • Returning to profit
      » Significant cost savings starting 1Q13
      » Projecting 1Q13 Adjusted Net Income
      » Forecasting positive cash from operations from 2Q13 onwards

    • The guidance for Yelp's revenues in 2013 ist with 211 million only the 2.2-fold of the 94 million reveneus of Local Corp, but the market-cap of Yelp ist with 1,570 million the 43-fold of the idiotic low 36 million of Lcoal Corp.

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