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  • jmalexanderb jmalexanderb May 6, 2014 11:29 AM Flag

    YELP - something to think about

    all you YELP lovers, your not going to like me for this, but most small businesses HATE yelp, literally cant stand YELP, and they are hoping it dies, if YELP does not change the way that people make reviews eventually it is going to have serious legal issues. The problem with YELP is their sales reps try high pressure sales to get the small businesses to pay them advertising money, I know this from first hand experience in my own business. The last time the sales rep called me and said pretty much all my customer hate YELP, but they feel like they have to partner with us so they can control their YELP profile better versus if they were to NOT partner with us. She further said that overall the YELP profile of a paying small business is much better than a profile of a nonpaying business. I told her that I will not give money to YELP because people can go on there and make up fake reviews, why would I give YELP money when they have fake reviews under my profile, people that will not communicate with me after I sent them apologetic emails to them through the YELP interface. No response from them even after I offered them gift certificates etc. My overall YELP average is 4 stars which is a pretty good average, but I still do not want my potential customers to go on my YELP site, even with a 4 star average. The reason is, there is fake bad reviews on there from my competitors trying to ruin my business. YELP will not filter the fake bad reviews, but they have filtered out many of my super positive reviews, they do this intentionally so you as the business owner can think, maybe I should give them money like the sales rep said.

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    • Yelp is going to have to change, it is not making money and businesses do no want to give Yelp their money because they are not being fair with how they profile the reviews and also they do not care if the reviewer is fake or not. They act like they care with their fancy quote unquote "algorithm" ; but all that algorithm allows them to do is find a way to extort the small business owner. There will soon be a day where the business owner will have its choice whether to be on Yelp or not, and you will see that many business owners will decline that right until Yelp changes.

    • not to say that I told you so, but this post started 3 hours ago, and as we all been talking here under our noses at 222pm on Yahoo Finance another headline has come out that a law firm is now suing about shareholders rights because the stock has tanked. they are looking into the practices of Yelp and how their reviews are being judged as to whether or not which reviews should be showing or not be showing, how they determine these things, the algorithm they are using. ALso they are looking into the overall practices of Yelp. as I said, Yelp needs to change if it is going to be a company that business owners respect. We all know that it is not a profitable company, but until it can support small businesses instead of extort them, I cannot see Yelp being a viable investment, that is just my opinion of course.

    • wow, great points, all of them

    • someone keeps asking where are all the lawsuits, where there is one on Yahoo Finance headlines today. They keep blaming all the shorts for the stock going down but it is not the shorts it is the fact that Yelp is killing small business in america.

    • like I said when I put this post up a couple hours ago, I know those of you that are long on the stock are going to think I am shorting the stock, which I am not. But you will see that there are many business owners that feel the same way I do. also Yelp is being studied in many law schools right now because they are always using freedom of speech as their excuse, but YELP is not freedom of speech - look at my posts inside here below and the reasons why it is not freedom of your speech. also there is another point to understand, some of you may have seen that Monica Lewinsky is speaking for the first time about her affair with Bill Clinton. She said that she was one of the first breakout news storys in the new era of the internet. She was victim to the global viral internet back at that time. And in many ways that is true. Follow my point here, YELP is hurting small business owners in their start up time. The most important time for a business is their first 2 years. PRE-YELP era - businesses grew from true word of mouth, not internet reviews(especially not fake internet reviews) before Yelp existed if your business was running already you are much stronger because you have tons of regulars coming to your business from the years before Yelp. You had many years to practive and get your business right. Now adays if someone opens a business and god forbid they make some minor errors in their first week of opening, because if they do there is yelpers everywhere saying negative and mean things about the new business. And those reviews spread like a monica lewinsky story very quickly. So here the business is in ITS MOST SENSITIVE time, but it is getting BURRIED with yelp reviews from the day they open. When yelp came out and everyone started joining yelp, they were writing reviews about restaurants they were going to for years. Of course they liked those restaurants, it is because they were always going to them. (continued)

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      • they were going to these restaurants for years and years and when they started their Yelp accounts, they started out by reviewing all of their favorites, it was a fun thing to do. Once they reviewed all their favorite places then they would go out and try places that they never tried before. Many of these businesses/restaurants are new because they never tried them, now that the new business is opened in the ERA of Yelp, this business owner has to deal with the YELP reviewer putting bad reviews. where the old restaurant that has been around for many years has so many regular customers, it does not matter what goes on Yelp, they will survive anyway. So if you had your business before Yelp, you had an advantage because all these Yelpers were walking through your door from day one and being picky about every little thing. Now when you look at the Yelp review site of a new business, go check it out, restaurants are telling every person they know to put a 5 star review on their new Yelp profile so they start out with great reviews. It is actually funny to look at, then once the yelpers start going to the restaurant and they like to be picky about everything, then the 1 star reviews start to pile in. dont take my word for it here, find new restaurants and study the course of the star ratings and you will see it is exactly like I am saying. and when it is all said and done, how is yelp going to make money???!??! it is not going to, because they are NEVER going to get Full Support from small business american until they find a way to TRUELY make the business owner a partner.

      • You must work for Seeking Alpha. Or maybe you just spend your time bashing Yelp just for the fun of it. Yeah, you are not short....right?

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Yelp is done because no small business owner wants to purchase their advertising.

    • IMO yelp is not a good investment because too many people hate yelp in the business world

    • your not the only one that feels this way about yelp, i do not own a business but I have many friends that do, many of them are tired of yelp;

    • This has nothing to do with not liking you, but it appears from your comments that you are something of a moron.

    • I'm curious, How can you tell that a bad review about your business is written by " my competitors trying to ruin my business." Share that with us, please.

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      • You're really not paying attention are you. Let me spell it out: any business gets positive and negative reviews. Some may be from friends, some may be competitors, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that Yelp contacts biz owners and says, "pay for advertising, and we'll move the best reviews to the top, and we'll "screen" the bad ones, where they won't count toward your aggregate star score. Don't pay, and we'll move the bad ones to the top, and we'll start disappearing/screening the good ones." Pay us, and your score gets higher, and the good reviews are front-and-center. Don't pay us, and your score gets lower, and the bad reviews are the headline.

        It's called soft extortion, and Yelp will be brought to justice.

        There. I've shared.

        And you're not very smart.

      • very easy, the servers that are working at the restaurant of the same cuisine type(they are italian restaurant and so are we), came over to serve at our restaurant and it is common practice in the other restaurant where the managers tell the servers to do that - we have heard this from many servers that we have interviewed

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