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  • epq epq Apr 1, 2004 6:58 PM Flag

    After hours quote--Help

    I am getting a quote for after hours on "B" @3.23 +.05--Can someone confirm and advise if this "REALLY" means anything? Thanks

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    • Quotes and actual trades in this stock are usually widely spread -- here are the actual trades:

      16:36:39 3.180 500 NYSE
      16:36:37 3.170 500 NYSE
      16:08:51 3.180 1500 NYSE
      16:08:48 3.180 25300 NYSE
      16:04:57 3.180 1000 NYSE
      16:04:55 3.190 12200 NYSE
      16:04:42 3.190 4000 NYSE
      16:04:25 3.190 100 Chicago
      16:03:30 3.200 200 NYSE
      16:03:25 3.200 1000

      However, should we not wonder how come 'actual' trades on NYSE are listed at 16:38? <G> It is happening every day. BOL

    • It probably doesn't *really* mean much....I'm showing after hours volume on B of 500, and a final price of 3.17, -0.01. The problem is that under most circumstances, Agere trades very lightly after hours, there are very few shares up for offer, and it can be quite a big delta between the close and the lowest offer...If someone hits an after-hours buy "at-market" on AGR.A or .B, they basically run the risk of getting mugged....I've seen +.30 on the B before now, and the following morning it opened exactly where it closed the night before.

      My advise is, if you want to trade AH, always limit order so that you're the one that mugs someone, not the other way round.