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  • rpbossman rpbossman May 20, 2004 2:08 PM Flag

    What is differance between A & B stock


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    • WWW, my trading was based on buying B if the spread was over 5%, and buying A if the spread was less than 2-3%. At $3.50 that was over 18 cents and at or under 8 cents. I used that to swap shares most of the way from $1.47 to $4.00. My measured return was 18% more than had I held A or B alone. On the way down, I didn't escape losing, but I mitigated the loss somewhat by using the same method, and held a lesser amount of shares. The advice I gave was simply to, if you're going to be buying Agere, buy with the spread in mind. The small spread seemed to favor swapping to A's and/or buying more A's, while the large spread favored swapping into B's OR selling A's altogether. Not saying it will always work, but it made sense going in, it worked for 12-months, and worked in my favor about 75-80% of the time.
      I started with Agere with a tip that it was going to do well by holding over a 3-4 year time period. Like many of you, I got caught in the downdraft to some extent, but I'm fairly optomistic about the next year as to having reaquired my original buy in position, and accumulating more from my trading position. It's always nice working with in a no-lose position, produced on the 150% runup. Good luck.

    • they suck equally......