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  • jerryfiess8 jerryfiess8 Aug 9, 2004 12:02 PM Flag

    Agere is bottomed out, buy now because

    There is no way it is going to stay at these prices forever. Todays news report is a good example of what this company has to offer.

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    • These are the institutions and funds he's talking about. I wouldn't waste my time doing the research to find out how they came to possess them, but I would be hard put to believe that they were all either purchased at over $7.00 or inherited.

    • Q: does anyone here actually believe he is talking about Hitcher man? Remember I'm suposedly on eqtydr's ignore list. Either the hitcher made him lose control with one simple statement, or eqtydr is lying about about the list. Come on eqtytr admit it, you couldn't bring yourself to ignore me. Secretly, you adore me. In fact, you wish, in a sick kind of way, that you were me! Admit it! You secretly love it when I wade through your arrogant posts and sort out your pompous jargon like so much rubbish, all the while revealing your erroneous secret agenda. You can't do it, you can't ignore me!! :0)

    • So, we agree then! :0)

    • >>Are the companies listed as holders of this stock all hedgefunds--or did they all buy at over $7.00 ? (institutions & mutual funds<<

      Ah a good question....some inherited these shares when they were spun from LU. There are "some" who may not be under the $7 restriction (I didn't say all). Then again, I don't know what companies you're actually talking about.

      Are you referring to mutual fund companies, brokerages, hedge funds or institutions that have bought OR hold old shares as a part of their retirement plan? So the question is what are you referring to when you use the term institutions? Specifically do you know the circumstances why they hold shares or (if) they were purchased or inherited? Better yet, do you actually know if they still hold them? The reason I ask is that public lists of companies that hold shares are often 3 to 6 months old. Some are even as long as a year behind, unbelievable huh?

      I'm not talking about history, I'm talking about right now, I'm talking about what's happening with the stock trading at a dollar and change day after day, right now. I'm disputing foolish suggestions that viable mutual fund companies or brokerages are buying this stock right now.

    • I am confused by some of the statements in this post-- Are the companies listed as holders of this stock all hedgefunds--or did they all buy at over $7.00 ? (institutions & mutual funds)

    • At the risk of name calling, you're a moron! Sometimes someone like you makes statements so outragious and ignorant that I just can't help myself. You simply don't know what the heck you're talking about and instead of intelligently debating the points, you launch yourself into mindless, empty headed nonsense. Everytime a fool like you opens your mouth, exactly like your pal coastfa, you show everyone here just how stupid, narrow minded and ignorant you actually are.

      (If) indeed there are some trades involving (as you claim) "hundreds of thousands of shares, then they are more likely from "hedge funds" and not mutual fund companies or brokerages as I've stated before. Hedge funds are mavericks, they have no regulatory oversight and don't represent the vast majority of the investment community. Not all, but the vast majority of mutual fund companies are prohibited from buying stocks valued under $7. Likewise no brokerage worth its salt would waste its time on a $1 stock. Have you even considered for a moment the reason why brokerages don't allow purchases of stocks under $5 on margin? Do you even have any clue what-so-ever why? Of course not, you're a sad and ignorant fool who strikes out at anyone who knows more than you. In your case, it doesn't take much of anything to know more than you do.

      Your complete ignorant, stupid and vile comments are not worth my addressing, but for the rest of the folks here, I made an exception, just this once. You and a few others here who live in the world of OZ are welcomed to think in whatever delusional fashion you like, just don't bother addressing me, because I could care less about dopes like you.

      You can launch your attacks, you can make your mindless statements, but in the end anyone here with a brain knows just how hollow your claims and statements are. Take a look in the mirror fool, the empty-headed crap is coming straight from you. If you don't believe that, then ask yourself why it's only coming from you and your pitiful buddy coastfa who still can't read or comprehend English.

      Now back on ignore, CLICK!!

    • >>There is no way it is going to stay at these prices forever.<<

      Forever, is a long time. However, as I've posted before, once a stock is broken both technically and fundamentally the process of establishing a bottom, building a base and finally launching a "sustainable" rally is a process that takes "time".

      There's plenty of time before this stock can sustain a rally beyond the resistance that looms ahead. How much time? It's impossible to tell, it will depend upon a multitude of things including performance, market direction & momentium, and a myrid of outside forces like global political issues, and macro economics.

      Here's a suggestion, wait until Agere proves it can sustain a rally, before buying much stock. The initial resistance is in the 1.40's to 1'50's range. I've posted about this before. Then again, many here are more anxious about bottom fishing or catching the exact low. In my opinion, it's a suckers game and no viable trading or investment strategy supports such action.

      There's also a guru(?) here who suggests trading Agere in a .15 or .30 (cent) range. Well I don't know about the rest of you, but it would seem a bit fool hardy (at this point) to buy the amounts of shares necessary to make decent money trading in such a narrow range. I also think that (once) the stock stabilizes it will not trade in such a volatile manner frequently enough to warrant this approach. Then again, some would prefer to risk their money on a $1 stock rather than to buy a higher quality stock that's down some because of this current bear market.

      IMO, you can make some nice profits on higher quality issues until Agere begins to improve and indicate that it's ready to advance, but that's just my opinion. Good luck to all.

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      • Thanks for your posts. Very insightful stuff. I do, however, think the comment about 15-30 cents being too narrow a range in which to short-term trade is a matter which might be debated. Depends on one's trading perspective. Some are here to invest mid to long-term. For those of us who trade short-term, a 15 to 30% swing is more than suffucient in which to trade. 15 to 30 cents doesn't sound like much, but pile up a couple of 15-30% swing trades and it's a nice story. The nice thing about doing this in Agere, is the added ability to take advantage of the A/B differential by swapping between them.