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    • >>When you respond to a post about TA it may be wise to know at least a little bit about what you a writting about.<<

      WelI guess eventually someone like you had to emerge. However, before you jump to conclusions about something you THINK you know about, shouldn't you find out whether your assumptions are correct first?

      BTW, writTing is spelled with only one "t", and knowledge isn't spelled knowlegde!! See it isn't difficult to throw stones is it?

      >>Resistance is not broken simply because it touches that level which in this case was a dollar forty. Resistance is broken on volume and a close above that resistance.<<

      Actually you're partially correct. First, it depends whether you're talking about resistance on a closing basis or an INTRA-DAY basis!! You are correct about resistance not being broken on a (closing basis) until 4 days ago. However again, you're incorrect about the volume comment. Closing above resistance (with higher volume) has more to do with "break out or follow-through" potential. Some technicians place more or less emphasis on volume in the short term. It really comes down to ones technical philosophy. But if we were to use one indicator to define whether resistance is indeed broken, on a closing basis, it would be the closing price!

      You seem to have a chip on your shoulder both with your initial comment and the next;

      >>Please, if you take the time just to write a pretty post, take some time to inject it with substance and knowlegde. Also, pick up a few books on the subject matter of TA and then you may discover how silly and ignorant your post reads. <<

      Is that a fact hot shot? First of all, I'm quite confident that I've read more books about trading, the market and technical analysis than you'll ever read. Second, if you wish to cross swords with me, then instead of lying in the bushes and only coming out to snipe, make a few comments regarding the market or this stock youself (technically speaking) and we'll find out whether you can back up your bad manners with any ability.

      If you had bothered to discuss this issue civilly first, you might have learned that TA involves many interpretations and applications. IT All DEPENDS UPON WHAT APPLICATION OR CONTEXT that is being considered. Unfortunately, your need for attention seems to overcome any attempts at first understanding the context of my comments.