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  • stacking_and_chasing stacking_and_chasing Jun 25, 2013 11:29 AM Flag

    regular board members... what did you do today?

    be truthful... im long and strong, ready for any dips knowing this will at least get to $25 after OM news. if i had capital i'd put more in. ITS SCIENCE! did you sell?

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    • Sold at 12.35. Shorts are going to play with this stock and bring it down to 8-9 in a week, IMHO. Waiting to see I can buy it back 8 ish.

    • jimmysmokescrackandidontcare28 jimmysmokescrackandidontcare28 Jun 25, 2013 1:19 PM Flag

      long and holding and hoping (been holding for 2 1/2 yrs). .had to sell 10% (things need fixing around house) but holding the rest. if we ever get lift-off to $18+ i'll sell 1/3

    • good to hear from you all... i've settled on this... i'm holding now, just as i did when this stupid thing was dropping like mad... and as it did i bought more and more, averaged down my position. now i'm reworking things to gain a little capital so when it does dip (which i do think it will short term, but dont want to sell just in case it doesnt) then i can add and average down... that worked for me so far, hopefully it works again. after ALS data i'll reevaluate as then it may be a nice time to do a little profit taking after news of T getting fast tracked and enjoy a sandy beach somewhere for a week with the wife. hell, this was "fun money" i had years ago to begin with and was told to pick a bio pharm i believed in and roll the dice.

    • well, it seems that i have had to change my plan 20 times in the last 20 days. lol at this point im not going to do anything. letting the smoke clear is my best option here

    • I sold out. Been here 3 years, love the stock, but I'm not going to hang around waiting a couple of months for it to come back up. I sold the last of mine at 12.90 in pre-market, and will start buying back low 11s, and hopefully back into 10s.
      11.50 divided by 6 is just under 1.92 per share. I've been expecting a bigger pullback than that just based on the runup.
      I'm not trying to drive the price's just that I expect it. I wish all you long timers the best. We've suffered here a long time. Newbies, you're into something good. I want to be in as low as you are on a weighted basis.

    • I wish I had sold some in the 13 range I am up 100% and it's NEVER bad to take some profit that is why we invest. If I had sold some near the top today I would have already bought it back for a nice profit. Hindsight is 20/20. Remember many bought not long ago in the 60 cent range and are profit taking

    • Was happy with todays news, stayed long but was disapointed yesterday with timing and scale of RS

    • Are people confused today that is why people are selling out or shorties taking advantage of
      of the confusion due to the reverse split. The reverse split should create less shares available
      in the market making a squeeze on those shorties only if long term investors hold on.

    • I'm still full-in SC and plan to be for awhile.

      • 1 Reply to hawk25702
      • hawk was right on in other post, little guys bailing, big money picking up shares under $12, I will be surprised if it does not finish green. As one who has been here since .70 cent range, before Jan. move, I must say it feels strange seeing it be at $12. Guess it is just psychological, but somehow today I am not as nervous about the movement of sp. When it went over $2, somehow I was not sure it would hold Maybe it is also because of the news with new partner today, but I just feel so much better about the quality of the stock. Any one else feel the same? Have not even thought about sellinany shares.

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