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  • crankbait crankbait Jul 2, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    purposely wasted 20% gain

    this has been really bugging me. why did management waste the astellas announcement. the saying that every company that has everbeen broken was broken by management is so true. the decision to purposely waste the astellas announcement and a for sure 20% gain was one of the worst management decisions ive ever seen. does management get a big fat bonus if they keep the stock price down. this companys management sucks. a reverse split always hurts share holders. just my take

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    • CYTK has been in the neutral zone since the reverse split. I think the 6 for 1 split is a very bad idea.
      Maybe a 2 for 1 or a 3 for 1 could have been better. The 6 for 1 have turned off a lot of small investors
      who would have love to get in at $4-$6 per share but at $12, people would be reluctant to get in
      thinking of the downward risk of the stock. This could be more prone to shorting at this level.

    • i know the stock is up 200%, my knock on management is the job theyve done with the split. they threw a 40 cent gain right out the window. the split was very poorly planned out and very poorly thought out as far as the execution. we'd be riding on the mo of the astellas anncmnt if management had done things a bit different.

    • it seems to me that management is doing everything they can to keep the share price down. my take is that if there was no split the price would have went from 2.05 to 2.46 last tues a 20% gain. instead management purposely screwed the share holders with this reverse split. ive tried really hard to see managements reasoning for this split. all i can see is that management is trying to keep the share price down for a possible amgen buyout. i hope im wrong but management is holding this stock back big time.

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