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  • stacking_and_chasing stacking_and_chasing Aug 21, 2013 11:52 AM Flag

    now is time for strategy

    I'm currently working out what I'm going to do with my position leading into and following 9/3. Remember, 8/30 is the last trading day as 9/2 is a holiday. You don't have to divulge anything but does anyone have a strategic plan leading into and following this next catalyst. Like I said, I'm working on my plan right now. Is anyone just flat out sitting tight, not doing anything until the bell rings at 9/3. Do people think there wont really be much to do regardless (since this is only the first of a few large catalysts over the next year)? Anyone have price points they are sticking to or looking for? Are they technical in nature or more fundamental? Just wanted to hear comments on the matter.

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    • You are over thinking. This is what we call investment for meaningful gain and long term tax treatment. Do you think institutions are jumping around with sweaty hands on every catalyst that comes along?

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    • Hold on people... Pretty much everyone here is assuming a positive result.. have you thought contrary? what would you guys do? What is your exit strategy? Where would you put your stop loss.. Unless you guys know something I don't know (for sure it's a lot, specially about this company).. maybe I should go along with everyone.. possibly leaving a fraction of shares, in case you guys are right..

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      • I'm certain that trading is an art form...I can say I wish I would have sold at 13.75 and bought back at 10..
        But I'm not that smart...I invested 25 grand into a company that is developing a drug that treats ALS ...having knowlege of the drug...I am confident that it will at some point make it to the market...
        It has a better chance than any other drug in the last 20 years...if I am correct..that 25 thousand will become 250 could be as far off #$%$ years....
        There is no other vehicle that can provide that kind of return ....simply by depositing the cash....and waiting....the silver lining ..a heart drug ...bypass phase 3 ...the drug can be used in a vast array of other illnesses..
        It's fun to speak of technical makers. Shirts and the end of the day.
        I know this is really good science..look at the market cap....I just can not imagine a safer biotech bet.

        Your knowlwge if trading is obviously advice ...not that you need any..hold on to a fire position...this could be very very big

      • Inside. Exit strategy? Stop losses marks? Contrary results? Short at $10...come on man, just when I removed you from ignore, I read this. It is a free world and anyone can post what they want, but a "great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep"..Are you looking for a deep trough to cover a short position? I understand your concern for us longs that we don't lose money, but stop losses help create bear raids, as many have pointed out, and you recommend them... These posts remind me of paul_G's posts, a known basher. Are you long? or short? or both? I do like your heads up with moving averages and tech leading indicators, and thank you for that, just want to know...

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    • If the 9/3 results show a decrease in dyspnea then the company should have a $500 million market cap on the announcement which means $17. I think the stock will work its way up to a $750 million market cap within 6 months which means $26 price target before I let any shares go.

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