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  • c0mputar c0mputar Oct 18, 2012 9:21 AM Flag

    10 minutes before the shorts pounce on this stock

    Weak buying support is inevitable considering we should not be in the 20s until Dec at least. You guys play a risky game if you are relying on hype to stay green. Shorts will capitalize on the weak buying pressure. Today millions of trades will be done, the PM and AH is irrelevant. If you value your money, take off your stops unless you consciously make the trade. If you must, at least wait til 10am EST, 95% of raids happen before then.

    For your sake I hope you guys know how much ISIS's lacking confidence should contribute to AEGR's stock price, because you are playing with fire when the panel members were damning AEGR's market potential 3k figure all day long yesterday.

    Do not be blinded by price targets set by the Banks. They set those things for 6 to 12 month forecasts. The DB set a $19 price back in Nov '11... Of course they are going to update their price target now. It's not a coincidence that if we assume 80% approval, and 20% growth, that we find ourselves at exactly $30 in a year when we use $20-21 pre-PDUFA price at the base. It's not like the DB came out and said, price target $30 before PDUFA... There lack of information is to play you into false security.

    This only means the analysts do not think we should be above $21 before PDUFA, let alone be in the $20-21 range 2.5 months from PDUFA.

    Good luck fellas. I haven't looked into how much an ISIS collapse should contribute to the market potential of AEGR's drug, but do not forget the other side of the equation with the FDA restrictions that will be put on AEGR's 3k estimate. The discussions yesterday were clear.

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    • one of your other fine predictions:

      Just incase you guys are wondering... $4.3 minimum by PDUFA
      By c0mputar . Oct 1, 2012 2:02 PM . Permalink

      This stock will see $4s before PDUFA at the very latest. That is the conservative estimate excluding the occurrence of an ADCOM.

      If there is a positive ADCOM, all bets are off.


      Don't quit your day job -- predicting the future is costing you your measly life savings...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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