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  • samspadesr Oct 4, 2013 10:52 PM Flag

    AEGR true value is $1.60 to $6.30 share

    dividing yasser's valuation by a thousand for the fewer than one in one thousand afflicted who'll be able to afford the 300K annual prescription...course that's assuming they don't opt for something less expensive.

    yasser's a dope peddler, as dishonest as they come

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    • samspadesr Oct 6, 2013 6:51 PM Flag

      bump for yasser, he's either knowlingly misleading or dumber than a rock, you can divide his phony valuation by a thousand for the fewer than one in a thousand who will be able to afford it.

      one in one million afflicted, (less than) one in a thousand able to afford 300K annual prescription, equates to potential of one in a billion, world population is ~7 billion, which if the other numbers are correct means their are approx 7 people afflicted able to afford the prescription (out of pocket).

      world gdp per capita is ~$12,700...most make less than the average, most don't have insurance,. fewer still have insurance that'll cover 300K prescription, i wouldn't think mine would with alternatives available.

    • Sam/Arthur/Censored/AdamWang

      How do you reconcile your own inconsistency?
      On one hand you reference 1-in a million because wiki reported it.
      On the other hand the very same Wiki reports that 87% of all in the US have insurance, yet you pretend insurance doesn't exist, even though your Wiki-bible says it does.

      Still, you claim that nobody will be able to afford treatment, while you ignore insurance.
      Even though the insurance companies already met with AEGR and have ALREADY AGRRED TO COVER IT & PRICING.

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