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Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AEGR) Message Board

  • clarkjohn18 clarkjohn18 Mar 6, 2014 5:46 PM Flag

    why is this board so inactive?

    Im surprised to see this stock is not as busy as some other names I follow considering there is a lot of potential upside here, in addition to material news coming out of late regarding the DOJ investigation and its potential impact on AEGR's profitability this year. Anyone concerned, or do you think it will be a short term hiccup and the price targets out there ranging from 75-100/share with be realized at some point?

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    • The board is dead primarily because one parasite who lives in his Mom's basement, who lost his entire investment portfolio (including his retirement he claims) shorting this stock - even though you can't short stocks in a retirement account. Anyway, he uses multiple aliases including Censored, Adamwang, Arthurs1, Jetmanbash, and a host of others. He doesn't even own the stock any more long or short, he is just a pest here to bother other people. He offers nothing but bitterness, anger, hatred, and jealousy, so just about everybody else has left the board.

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      • nobody buys a scam....with some Russian #$%$ moderating the

      • You are so weird. My friends and I called it right and warned you about the fall before it came. You were wrong. Instead of at least listening to use you continued to be a big mouth and still not recognize the favor we did for you. You lied and tried to trick newbies in regards to your price targets of from 1200 to 6400. You were wrong in regards to Beer-gate. It will be bigger than you thought once we hear......even though you didn't want to admit, the company itself has with a recent news release to try and break the news more gently. You then try and play both sides against the middle stating that you and others....including halt-the-little-ranger left the stock to diversify and you didn't thus suffer the huge loss that you really did, but you are lying, or you lead other newbies to financial collapse with your 1200 to 6400 price target while you left like we advised you to. You are an amazing guy in your own mind. t

    • Im not worried..This stock is very patient i just bought more..the stock is going to be $65 next week

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      • yeah I'm not a quick moves investor so I got in assuming there could be a little more downside before it turns around--- however its hard to think your going to lose money at current levels when 10 analysts have the thing as a buy/strong buy with the lowest pt being 75/share. I'm holding- just surprised at the lack of buzz surrounding this thing considering the upside potential that is largely undisputed on the street.

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