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  • aniustudent aniustudent Apr 2, 2014 5:44 PM Flag

    Addressing the $AEGR Short Seller Lies List in the Seeking Alpha Article(s)...

    Did anyone notice in the latest $AEGR diatribe which proclaimed "We provide fresh evidence in this report that shows AEGR's management is not only promoting a far greater addressable market than allowed but the company is in fact marketing JUXTAPID off-label." ...that they forget to provide the fresh evidence, or any evidence (since everything presented was old news). I doubt it, since I'm probably the only one who actually read beyond the sensational headlines, to read the boring repeated information. Come on folks - don't buy into the fear the short sellers are selling (to make themselves money of course). Doctors prescribe orphan drugs readily off label. Aegerion can help any doctor who asks for it with off label patients. Yet if Aegerion did market its drug incorrectly, it will pay its fine and move on. Also, PCSK9 only significantly helped 1/6 of patients with HoFH in the last study. The thing is, even that 1/6 will want BOTH the $AEGR and $AMGN drugs to lower their LDL since it is so high in LDL patients and both drugs have separate mechanisms. And as for $ISIS Kynamro competition, although I’m glad US HoFH patients have a choice, -seriously- is it still on the market? Maybe folks obsessed with the Aegerion patient # (which was reported on the last conference call as being 400) should consider that $ISIS has never disclosed its Kynamro patient #. Also, as for insider ownership and selling shares, $ISIS and $AEGR are quite similar in those respects as well (and other small biotechs). Yet where these companies differ is, the $AEGR drug Juxtapid is selling and Lojuxta (the European drug name) has no $ISIS competition. $AEGR also has orphan drug status where it matters in the pharmaceutical world. HoFH patients need this drug. For these reasons, I am long $AEGR. ...With all that said though, the CEO Marc Beer, who blabs his mouth and the company suffers because of it, should be fired.

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    • GENZ/ISIS drug has orphan drug status in the US as well. The competition in Europe will in fact be juxta going against itself. The price is too high, most European countries won't pay for it, and ALL European patients that are to go on it will have to be genetically tested to see if they are in fact HoF patients.......that one in a million, or one in 850K comes up again and Mr. Beer can do another study till the cows come home. ISIS numbers did in fact start out very slow, but in a fairly large lipid clinic out East, out of seven patients on juxta only two were able to hack it, those that failed are now on Kynamro. As time goes on the market will realize that a drug that started out with almost no use and is growing at about a 20% clip will be a detraction to juxtapid. We will see, it will be interesting over the next twelve months to see how juxta holds up. And it will also be interesting to see how many patients really are on over 20mg on a regular basis and can stay there. I suspect that this is the real reason that Mr. Beer doesn't want that breakdown of patients and doseages. And the thing that is classical Mr. Beer is that he recognizes in his little speech that investors want that very breakdown......and then he completely switches gears and goes on to tell you that he won't give it to you anyway when in fact when he brings the issue up himself initially you expect him to tell you that sometime in the near future he will revert back to breakdowns and let investors know what is really going on.......never going to happen for the aforementioned reasons. t

    • It was full of #$%$. They made a big deal about treating pediatric patients as if that were some evil moneymongering on the part of AEGR. Did it ever occur to them that this could be for compasionate use in some kid with advaanced heart disease that has no other treatment options?

      Also, the whole PCSK9 argument will not hold water. The vast majority of HoFH patients are going to need something more potent than a PCSK9 inhibitor to keep their LDL levels in check.

    • Well said.

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