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  • jetmanbash jetmanbash Apr 6, 2014 3:18 PM Flag

    Reason for not breaking down the numbers in regards to new patients and the doseage that patients are on:

    Not only does Mr. Beer not want investors following how many patients are on the drug, or new start-ups, he doesn't want you to know the breakdown of how many patients are on what dose. If most patients are on 5 or 10mg, and you take out the aphereses for the loop you have a much weaker medication that Kynamro for lowering LDL cholesterol if GENZ is able to use the 200mg standard dose. You also have the safey in regards to Kynamro in knowing that, not known here by uninformed, or non-believers, that after you are on the medication and reach a steady-state level that your fatty infiltration of the liver actually goes down. It takes five doses of any medication to reach a steady-state level and the half-life for Kynamro is about 34 days. You top that off with the fact you don't get fatty infiltration of the small intestine.......of which no one can tell me the consequences of that long-term. Does it increase your risk of a GIST tumor? Does it increase your risk even more for CLF, or pancreatitis? A 23 patient study completed in less than two years will not tell you that data. If I were AEGR I'd try and get a deal to be able to use non-exclusively the rights to ISIS DGAT2 inhibitor which is the only hope for the med being able to expand in its uses based on the known parameters at this time. t

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    • Pray tell - how do you know what Mr. Beer does not want investors to follow? How long have you been able to read his mind? You are a joke. You already lost it all now you are just a loser posting from your Mom's basement.

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      • You can read my mind......I lost it all? So you are doing what you are accusing me of doing. You are really loser and I'll pray you eventually won't have to live in your car. Give a big prediction like you did before, like the 640 price tag for this one drug dog. Now if this were a drug like QCOR has you'd really have something, they are even going for another indication. Too late to buy the stock, it has been bought out. So you are stuck with your one drug doggy. Maybe you could do a Fabreze commercial in your car and pick up some spare change. t

    • My advice to anyone sitting on the fence and you truly are neutral and not jaded that juxtapid is safer than Kynamro that you call ISIS and hear their story, not follow the press/media which make juxta out to be just a big brother to a statin drug because it is an oral and Kynamro is this terrible injectable. Really look at the data. In ISIS trials if you went over three times normal in your liver enzymes you were withdrawn from the test......your numbers however were still added in as if you were in the test and you then helped lower the mean. If you were a juxta patient and your liver enzyme levels went up you were allowed to stay in the test.....let your liver rest up, and then restart the titration process. Moreover, three out of 23 patients liver enzymes shot up to over 11 times normal. They were allowed to get a drug hiatus and get back into the study. 62% of the 23 patient were on aphereses. When you walk in for your aphereses your LDL could be any number that is high, usually by the time you leave your number is down to around 75 or 80 LDL. It gradually goes back up and that is why you have to return every week or two for another treatment. But over half in that study got that kind of booster. Then when you look at the patient prototype from which each drug draws from, juxta as an MTP inhibitor most closely resembles a patient with a genetic defect that is an abetalipoproteinemia patient vs. Kynamro which follows the profile of a hypobetalipoproteinemia patient. Look up and see which patients do the best under those genetic prototypes. Even Cramer on his show in 2012 stated that Mipo was dangerous, and juxta was not.....he inferred that in his questioning of Dr. Crooke. Cramer has since come on board with ISIS, not because he is a huge fan of Kynamro, but rather the whole pipeline. People from AEGR don't want real phase IV data in comparisons, they just want to go back to that 23 less than 24 month study to base everything on. t

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      • Really? Call the competition and listen to their spiel? Seriously? Why not call an independent doctor? Afraid you won't like the result?

        That's like an idiot who doesn't like what the Republican National Committee is saying so he tells you to go to the DNC to hear what they have to say. Stop being spoon fed information and go LEARN something. DO some due diligence. DO your own homework and stop begging others for information because they will ALL tell you what THEY want you to hear. Go learn for yourself.

        Try something NEW.

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