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  • mershaw2001 mershaw2001 Apr 21, 2014 9:21 PM Flag

    What are Platinum's plans for ECTE if they get Shepherd on the board?

    Is platinum looking for a buyout? What changes are they looking to make that will increase shareholder value? I assume they are aligned with shareholders, but I've seen shareholders get screwed over by other shareholders (Think Crede and NAVB) in the past. Platinum floated ECTE 5 million in order to get Michael on the board- will they lend more money with Shepherd?

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    • Mershaw, Platinum will fight for us. They'll help with bringing on a very qualifed CEO. They'll make sure the MTIA part of the deal gets executed and moved along. But most importantly they'll stop this insanity of gouging the shareholder at every turn. 38 board meetings? If that's no egregious than I don't know what is. Then they felt compelled to dole out about 1% of the company in stock/options. I mean give me a break. Simply look what this board has done over the last couple of years. It can't get any worse!! Don't get me started on Crede. NAVB management got suckered and it was so obvious when you saw who they went with Crede and the type of deal. That was complete amateur hour by NAVB's management/board! they should be fired too!

    • Excuse me for the misspelling, Shepard.

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