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  • JPM1088 JPM1088 Feb 15, 1999 8:10 PM Flag

    slave, how's San Diego?

    Hi scumouth.

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    • Apology accepted.


    • but why bother...they aren't the ones who should
      be most concerned with the things being broadcast
      opver this thread. I will let you know what my friend
      at the SEC says as soon as I talk with him late this


    • Stay away from this guy, I know him. We've
      investigated him for various things. He's actually quite sick,
      so don't respond to his posts because he feeds off
      the attention. Don't mention the following in any of
      your posts: cocaine, pedofilia, beastiality,
      embezzlement, and bigamy.

    • My apologies to you,


    • whether you are short or or long........This is a
      FACT !!!

      You CAN be held liable for posting
      "scare-tactics", "doom and gloom", an d"intimidating

      Do you want a case hidtory? Do you want facts based
      upon my remarks?

      I will give it to you
      tomorrow or the next day. My freind, I am not against
      shorts. Everyone hgas a right to make a buck, but to
      "earn" a buck......As I see it that is not your

      In any event, You continue to post amd scare old
      ladies away .....I will be more than happy to either E/M
      you the COURT TRANSCRIPTS" regarding the same thing
      you are doing or I will post them here, as well as
      the reward rendered to the stockholder.

      seek, remember me? I welcomed you here....I am the one
      that said said " seek, your back again?" ..Oh,well
      everyone is entitled to an opinion, that was Friday. Yes,
      we are all entitled to an opinion, however, when
      "scare tactics" "doom and "gloom" gets

      well.......That, my friend, invites a heap of trouble.

      I will post the transcript on this thread so you
      and all of your buddies can see it.

      I hope not
      to see you in court.

      Hey, on another
      note,,,,,,You told me that you tried to warn ALL of us that we
      should sell,,, and "All Of Us", according to
      you...."were very very bad to you". Well, seek, I have never
      been bad to you, the worse thing I ever did to you was
      to say...And I quote.. "seek, can you refrain from
      fowl language"?

      seek, we are all entitled to an
      opinion, however, Can you at least justify your remarks?
      Crap, I was here when you took a beating, I have been
      here since early November,, I read your messages, And
      yes, If I had taken your advice I would be a very rich
      man, however...I was looking for the

      It is called greed, Not logical thinking. However,
      if Joe Shmuckatelli came onto your stock board and
      YOU believed in your holdings, BUT....Joe "SCREAMED"
      TOMORROW!!! SELL SELL. What would you do?

      Listen to a
      complete stranger?? I would hope not... I would think that
      you would stick with your convictions. As I did with
      SATH. And now I am continuosly rampaged with messages
      reminding me that I should have sold because a complete
      stranger "said I should".

      I am sorry you were
      harrassed, I , nor most new SATH shareholders were a part of

      Now, as I am certain that you are aware
      of ..we hav a new set of SATH shareholders. I will
      Quell (Squelch) them.. and then you can go about your
      own business regarding your other interests in
      various stocks.

      Take care seek, I have never had a
      problem with you except your numerous postings. I wish
      you luck and prosperity.,

      My Regards,

    • Do you have the Yhoo address for eliminating
      "hemeroids" like seek and JPM? If not, I will find it
      tomorrow as it has been posted here previously. If I find
      it tomorrow I will post it.

      BTW, Good on you
      with your research, I applaud you.

      Me, BTW,
      have a great thing going with the SEC, my NY attorney
      AND... N.J. attorney regarding seekslave and JPM...

      Lord knows, It took a bit of time transferring files
      but they all re-assure me that my time will be well
      worth the effort.

      I, myself, am a lawyer,
      however not SEC or brokerage investment affiliated.
      Consequently, that grants us an advantage ( I am not affiliated
      with with my representatives, nor my Brokers)
      . I,
      unfortunately, am not privy to the SEC, GOV't. regulations,
      however, I am blessed with the fact that several of my
      old-time fraternity brothers are. I am loving life right

      You take care.

      seek, JPM, ect. If I were you
      ....I would recommend you either...

      1. Hide in
      the bushes3. wonder if you had made a grave
      mistatement regarding SATH
      2. Review your previous

      4. If you did.......retract it..Remember seek....GO
      WAY BACK.
      5. Or....if you still do not remember
      your previous MSGS....
      I would suggest you do your
      D&D and then reflect upon
      your "OWN WORDS"
      Give it a rest, leave us alone, and simply take

      7. EOM to seek; You know my
      position, an Everyone ha

    • Not corny at all. You should always do your DD
      and don't ever listen to anyone on these boards--it's
      all hype (both ways). I use these boards for learning
      as much as I can, but always make my own

      Also, when you're studying a company, don't just
      consider the numbers, but also look at management, Public
      relations (how often, what their communicating, how they
      handle problems) and promotion (are they advertising
      heavily, offering special promotions, etc.). These are
      important factors along with the numbers.

      companies have the numbers, but are overlooked by investors
      because no one knows what they're doing. SEIB was a
      perfect example of this.

      Have to go--maybe I'll
      catch up with you tomorrow.

    • and to markets (bad timing right) and good sites are always welcome. Thanks in advance. MSPW

    • instanceofthefingerpost instanceofthefingerpost Feb 15, 1999 11:20 PM Flag

      Sounds corny, but this really is my son's college
      fund (his tuition is safe but I admit to taking the
      plunge and risking a chunk of what I'd saved for his
      living expenses). We're okay for awhile (I didn't bet
      the farm) but events went against me almost as soon
      as I decided to enter the market. I've learned so
      much from this board by going to the links and
      reading, reading, reading.

    • Please respond to this message. Are you scared?

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