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  • warnerlambert warnerlambert Feb 15, 1999 8:40 PM Flag

    slave, how's San Diego?

    Because you are even more retarded than that
    piece of shit SEEKSLAVE. You are a little whiner who
    cries lawyer everytime something doesn't work out the
    way you would like it to. Quit your bitching and suck
    it up. Neither you nor anyone else has a case
    against SATH. Lilly should sue you for being such a blind
    asshole. I mean, how stupid are you. You buy a stock a few
    days before a "major announcement", not knowing
    anything about the company or what the announcement is
    going to be. You probably got in in the high 20s after
    the stock ran up over 200% and now you think there is
    reason for a lawsuit. You are the kind of shithead who
    would sue the Weather Channel if a tornado destroyed
    your house.