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  • timothyc121855 timothyc121855 Dec 6, 2012 10:22 PM Flag

    Where is the news on secondary price?

    It's done. Priced. Oversubscribed at these levels---- a proverbial "layup" for all those who got shares. The key is seeing who bought---strong smart hands like Deerfield ?---or chump flippers who will throw it back just to create some commissions. Hopefully there will be decent follow-through omn those after-market orders. (fingers crossed!).....

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    • Timothyc121855- what do you make of this? I am in pretty heavy with this stock at an avg of $3.85. Surprized at the last week drop. This $3.31 seems like a steal. What are the chances I get whole again by year end?

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • You will be fine. I would almost say don't pay atteention to any of the "noise" you read here as this will be mostly bloggers hyping for nickels & dimes (both ways). I would guess that this can easily work back to the $4--maybe $5 level in quick fashion. This is a story that has a limited institutional audience so it will be subject to crazy swings---as you have witnessed (I sold a week+ at $5 area). Maybe there will be some additional research coverage & sponsorship but it's tough for the micro-cap $100 mil small cap sector
        Remember that this is a spec play that needs a lot of help to get to the next level. My guess is that if ACRX can hit a few more milestones that the venture cap guys pray that big cap Pharma provides an exit strategy over the next 1-2 years. For the forseeable this is a trading vehicle which will remain volatile----so don't fall in love with the stock price or the paid articles that come out of the seeking alphas.

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