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  • annieg007 annieg007 Aug 15, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    Buyout Probably coming and those who Sold will Miss......

    Wouldn't that be something, if King sold during this downturn and the soft hands had exited the building, missing the $18.00 PPS.....

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    • Annie, after listening to yesterday conference, It seems they are focusing more on further marketing and sales. Of course, BO was not mentioned. I expected a more active trade today at least to keep $10 as a solid consolidation. I do not for how long new share holders would wait to see it going north again.

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      • I hope they market themselves, we will all be much better off, the market cap for pain management is HUGE, each 10% replacement of Morphine in the US alone, will equate to @ 60.00 PPS, and the minute ACR-01 gets approved, it's pretty obvious that all pipeline products will get approved, based on the same substance..... I look at this downturn as a Huge buying opportunity, the Weak hands can exit, I don't care......There are a large amount of investors in at $11.60 area, Insiders at $9.00 - $10.00, that are not selling. I've been in since $3.70, but this is still a steal at this price point and a safe investment.....The company has Bucco $$$$ to bring all of their pipeline to approval....

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    • Hopefully the buyout comes soon as based on my recollection Trius only received a 15% premium compared to its closing market price that same day. 15% on top of where we're sitting right now is $10.93 ($9.50 *1.15). Not sure where you're getting $18/share from? Any clarification on where you come up with that would be appreciated.

      IMO with no near term catalysts I can see this thing continue to fall as the shorts exit. Hopefully the bottom is near.

      I'm long on this so I'm in it for the long haul regardless! The prospects sound promising, so hopefully investors start seeing this position as a good entry point.

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      • cersdawg,
        Don't hope for a buyout ... let's hope for a great EU partnership. Our strong cash position helps in that area as we are not cash-strapped. TSRX needed $$ and a secondary would have been necessary. Also, that 15% premium came after a very recent 20% run-up or better in the pps. Less than a month or so before, it was trading in the $7s and Cramer said don't chase, wait for $6.50. Nope, no one knows "for whom the bell tolls" ... but ACRX will not be bought on the cheap!!

      • ACRXs market Cap potential for Pain Treatment is multi Billion, much more valuable than TSRX, so our potential Buyout $$$ would be much more, also I don't think you can compare the financial condition of ACRX in the same light as TSRX.....TSRX didn't have the capital we have. As far as Catalysts pending I don't think you can say we have none, We are pending a NDA, a European Partner, a new drug approval in a year, and up and running in sales, this stock is cheap right now, I am loading the Truck. are you sure you aren't a SHORT?

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    • It could happen. ;-)
      Let's Ride!

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