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  • dirtystockbird dirtystockbird Oct 22, 2013 10:28 PM Flag

    NDA perhaps...The more I looked for reason...

    The more I looked for reason into the recent fall the better I feel that there isn't imminent doom. I think there is panic selling. The same reason this stock goes up fast the same reason it goes down fast - low float. We haven't heard back from the FDA yet on the acceptance of the NDA. CHTP took 18 days to hear back from their filed NDA that resulted in a technical delay where they had to resubmit more info, that would would be accepted again. REmember, ACRX submitted their NDA the day before the govt shutdown. So we could be 7-10 days out from hearing that it is accepted. Perhaps many are nervous that ACRX has heard back yet, and then the snow ball goes down hill on the sell side. NEvertheless, remember we shall hear from the FDA one way or another as ACRX is obligated to report the FDA feedback as soon as it is received. They can't sit on it a week!

    If we get the thumbs up the NDA is accepted, could trigger a move up.

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    • I agree about FDA timing. Also, remember company insider activities (i.e. trading and commentary) are probably severely restricted from now until after earnings call on Nov. 5th due to standard "Blackout" policies.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Letting PFE resubmit study on their pain drug may have had something to do with today. The big concern needs to be on how easy people will be able to abuse the drug in pill form. I'm staying long

    • But since the company is a paying entity on the NDA shutdown should in theory have no effect on schedule, as I understand it. But who knows, I guess (maybe the sellers here??). If bad news does come out there should be good reason to chase those who seem to have been tipped off. There is more of an attitude out there to go after this than in recent times.

    • I'm concerned but not looking to sell. Anytime you drop nearly 50% in a short period of time you should be nervous but you are right there doesn't seem to be any valid reason for the drop so I choose not to panic and will hold until we hear news which will likely be the acceptance of the NDA. That should stop the free fall and push us back over $8 toward $9 or $10 probably in a matter of a week. .

    • 60 days puts us Into November when we will get acceptance...this is either panic selling or way to buyout company on the cheap

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      • It makes sense with the low float and many must have bought near the highs with panic selling occurring because of the supposed buy out not happening with lower prices begetting lower prices. The institutions bought way lower around the $3 to $6 range, so they made their money which added to the decrease when they unloaded their shares to willing buyers. It still is a promising company with a great story, so the set up was around the $10.50 price which could have been orchestrated but hard to prove because it did go over $13. Mania sets in when other stocks get bought out and double, so a lot of wishful thinking occurs. Also the bio bubble existed where stocks where going from $2 to $40, so now that the bubble has been tamed a bit reality has set in and free money is hard to find. What happens if the market goes for a heavy dump when this stock was going down when the market was going up, then watch out. I think with good news this stock will go up doesn't matter what the markrt does but until then buyer beware.

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